Clock Ticking for 2023 Food Fight Donations

Which side of Lowell is more generous? The areas north of Main Street/M-21 or those to the south?

We’ll soon find out as the annual Food Fight comes to a close next Wednesday, May 31. The annual fundraiser for Flat River Outreach Ministries pits the north vs. south in a battle to see which side can do more to eradicate hunger locally.

“We call Food Fight our friendly, but fierce, competition,” explains Arianne Hall, development director for FROM.

It’s all in good fun, of course, but it also serves a serious purpose. The first Food Fight was spearheaded by Rick Seese to shore up the food pantry during the summer months, when donations typically drop off. Rather than simply ask for donations, a little friendly competition was envisioned as a way to encourage participation and liven things up.

That was 14 years ago, and now, the Food Fight is an annual event for FROM. “It’s the biggest campaign our organization has for the year,” according to Hall.

How to Donate to the 2023 Food Fight

There are three ways to donate to the Food Fight:

  • Drop off non-perishable food items in barrels located at more than 30 locations across the community.
  • Make a financial gift, either online or via a check sent to FROM.
  • Eat at a restaurant during a benefit night.

The restaurant benefit nights are a new addition this year, and the eateries that host the nights have donated a portion of sales to the Food Fight. The final benefit night will occur at Culver’s on May 30 between 5-8pm.

Making a financial gift is also a welcome way to support the cause. “We buy what we didn’t have donated to us,” Hall says. Financial gifts also make it possible to buy fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that can’t be placed in barrels.

This year, a donor has offered to match up to $40,000 in donations made by June 1. So get your donation in before them to have it doubled.

Who Is Winning the 2023 Food Fight?

As of this writing, the South has a slight lead over the North. The South Team has also won more Food Fights overall. As of last year, the South racked up seven wins while the North was victorious six times.

Of course, in the end, everyone wins with Food Fight. Not only does the event ensure those in the community have access to food, there is something satisfying about knowing you are helping your neighbors who may be struggling through a difficult time.

For more information about the Food Fight, how to donate and a list of needed items, visit the FROM website.

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