Furry Friday

The following animals are available for adoption.  If you find an animal you’d like to adopt please contact the organization directly.  Lowell’s First Look does not assist with the adoption process. And if you’re looking to add to your family and don’t see an animal below, each organization has additional cats, dogs, or farm animals looking for new homes.   Pet profiles and photos are provided by each organization.

For additional information about each organization visit their websites or read our intro article to Furry Friday!

Carol’s Ferals

Carol’s Ferals specializes in trap, neuter, return (TNR), but they come across “friendlies” who are available for adoption. Here are their pets of the week.

This week Carol’s Ferals highlight scaredy cats, meaning a more patient new home will be needed.  These cats are shy and often overlooked.  But introverts can come out of their shell in time.

Hemi (male/gray tabby)  Shy

My tail was so badly infected when they found me, over half had to be amputated.  I am extremely shy, so I get overlooked when people come to check out the cats.  Even though my ears go back and I look like I may attack, please don’t be afraid to slowly reach out and pet me.  I am just scared, but I enjoy being petted.  If you are patient and want to work with me, I can become a more loving and social cat.  Do you have what it takes?

Jojan (female/black)  Shyer

I have slowly begun to trust humans.  I even followed a volunteer around the room asking for pets last week.  However, I tend to run away when people approach too quickly.  A very special person will have to teach me how to accept love more readily.  I am willing to try, are you?

Tornado (male/black)  Shyest

When you enter the room, look up and you will see me on a high shelf.  Volunteers stand on the chair to pet me.  I enjoy being petted and even purr, but my shyness keeps me up and away from other cats and humans.  We shy cats get overlooked all the time, but sometimes we make the BEST and most loyal companions.  No harm checking me out.  If you are tall, you probably won’t need a chair.


Vicky’s Pet Connection

Vicky’s Pet Connection works with the Kent County Animal Shelter to rescue cats and kittens.  They also take in dogs older in age and those needing special care. Here are their pets of the week.

Oh, if only cats could talk. How in the world does a beautiful cat like THIS end up being found outside the local jail! This is Dayna and she is a gorgeous, elegant girl who is well-mannered and low maintenance.  She’s a tiny bit shy at first but is eager to make human friends.  We are guessing her at around 4 years of age so she’s mature but still quite young. She would make an excellent companion and is very excited about finding a new family! How about it?
Who doesn’t love an orange tabby cat?! This friendly guy is named “Ray” and he is a front declawed polydactyl (meaning he has extra toes). Ray is a big ole love bug who really enjoys people. He’s about 9 yrs old but don’t let that deter you because cats can live well into their late teens!  Ray is totally young at heart and is looking forward to everything the second half of his life has in store!  Couldn’t your life use a little “Ray” of sunshine?

Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary

Those involved with Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary take pride in finding the right home for dogs in their care. Here are their pets of the week.

Higbee, is a super smart and cuddly boy. He was born on 11/08/2011. He knows lots of commands and markers. He is very good at walking with you. He loves tennis balls and wants to play with you. He would be best in a home with older kids, and an active family. He cannot have cats in the home, and he may not be the best fit for a kitty. He needs a large yard to run and play in. He loves his family and needs a structured environment and a family that isn’t a pushover.

Dobby is a Lab Mix. His D.O.B. is 12/13/16. He is named after the house elf, Dobby on Harry Potter. He is really still a puppy, super sweet and active. He will need a big yard to run and play in. He is very smart and picks up fast on commands and markers. He would love to hike, or run with you. He would be best in a home with older kids. He did fine on his cat introduction, but would still need supervision.

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