Introducing Furry Friday


Lowell’s First Look will embark on a new weekly series involving local rescue groups with animals looking to find forever homes.  This week we introduce the groups who will be working with us.  Some will provide information weekly, while others will submit profiles and photos at a different frequency.  Each week profiles will include contact information for the group where the animal is located.  We’re happy and excited to be working with the following organizations.

Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary
Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary is located near Lake Odessa and founded in 1999.  Dogs at the sanctuary can number close to 100.  They have 13 large areas to run and play.  But their ultimate goal is to find a forever home.  

Mackenzie’s takes pride in placing the right dog with the right family.  Their kennel is not open to the public but once an adoption application is filled out and approved a meeting will take place with the dog(s) an individual or family is interested in.  If all goes well a second visit will take place.  At this time if there are any existing dogs in the home they come to meet the new potential member of the family.  Finally, your new addition is brought to your home to ensure he or she is a good fit.  The adoption process will be finalized at this point as long as all dogs and humans are comfortable.  

Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue
Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue began in 2011.   This group utilizes foster homes in the Grand Rapids area as they look to find forever homes for the dogs in their care.   They work with local shelters to take in dogs to help with over crowding and care of pregnant dogs and the puppies they give birth to.

Carol’s Ferals
Carol’s Ferals is located at the Brooknelle Pet Resort.  Those involved with the organization work on the overpopulation of cats in the Grand Rapids area through education and trap, neuter, return (TNR).  Sterilizing cats who wander is the best way to slow the reproduction of cats.  Feral and outdoor cats are fixed and returned to their outdoor lives where they can continue to live without adding to overpopulation.  

Through this process some “friendlies” and kittens come through the program.  These cats are put up for adoption rather than being returned to an outdoor life.  Those looking for barn cats to keep the mouse population under control may also find good “mousers” through this group.  

Lowell Farm & Wildlife Center
The Lowell Farm & Wildlife Center helps wild and domestic farm animals in need.  Whenever possible injured or abandoned babies are cared for until they are able to be returned to the wild.  But farm animals also find their way to the organization.  Too often an animal is purchased when it’s small and cute but given away or abandoned when the newness wears off and the work involved in keeping a farm animal is realized.  

The Lowell Farm & Wildlife Center has a variety of animals at any given time looking for new homes.  Ducks, pigs, rabbits, birds, and more have been rescued.  So if you’re looking for a non-traditional animal to adopt keep them in mind.  


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