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Michigan will soon be heading into the cold, cloudy months of winter, but Lowell residents won’t have to give up their sun-kissed complexions. New Image Sun & Spa is open for business in the Lowell City Mall next to the Ada Lowell 5 movie theater and offers conventional tanning beds, spray tanning, red light therapy and more.

While New Image Sun & Spa is a new name, the business will feel familiar to many local residents. Owners Christine van Overbeek and Nicole Cooper purchased the Lowell and Ionia locations of Cher’s Sun Spray Spa and will offer the same high level of service that its clients have come to expect.

“It should be a seamless [transition],” Cooper says. “Most people won’t see a difference.”

In addition to offering a similar tanning experience, New Image Sun & Spa will honor any tanning packages previously purchased by Cher’s customers prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Adventure for Mother and Daughter

Nicole Cooper and Christine van Overbeek (l to r) are the owners of New Image Sun & Spa

Both van Overbeek and Cooper have some background in tanning but owning a business is a new adventure for the two, who are a mother/daughter duo. While van Overbeek is a previous employee of Cher’s, Cooper’s professional experience is in the world of finance. When the opportunity arose to purchase Cher’s Sun Spray Spa, the two thought it was a perfect chance to combine their expertise.

“It’s always been my mom’s dream to own her own tanning business, and I’m excited to help her achieve it,” Cooper says.

Other family members have also been quick to lend a hand to get the business up and running. A cousin created the new business logo, and van Overbeek’s son has put in hours helping to set up the salon space. “Everyone has rallied together,” she says.

While van Overbeek and Cooper plan to continue the tradition of excellence started by Cher’s, they are also looking for suggestions from customers as they consider new services. “We’ve been listening to our clients’ feedback,” Cooper says.

Teeth whitening is one example of a new service offered at New Image Sun & Spa. “People just love it,” van Overbeek says. “After one session, they were getting amazing results.”

Services and Products at New Image Sun & Spa

New Image Sun & Spa has 23 tanning beds, and walk-in customers are welcomed. For those who are new to tanning, staff will discuss the various tanning packages and guide customers through the process of using the beds.

“Within Michigan, there are so many people who have a Vitamin D deficiency,” Cooper says. Not only do tanning beds darken skin tone, but they may also boost Vitamin D levels, according to one study.

In addition to conventional tanning beds, the salon has an UltraBronz bed that allows people to achieve the color they want using shorter and fewer tanning session. Spray tanning is also available for those who prefer to skip the beds completely. All tanning rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each client.

To assist with tanning, New Image Sun & Spa offers a variety of lotions. “I’ve been told we have amazing prices,” van Overbeek says, and some people come to the salon simply to buy products even if they aren’t tanning.

Red light therapy is another service provided. This skin rejuvenation process involves clients lying in a specially lit bed, and it has been shown in at least one study to improve skin complexion and feeling. Red light therapy won’t tan the skin, but it may help with wrinkles, acne and depression, van Overbeek says.

Meanwhile, the FIT Bodywrap uses infrared rays to create a sauna-like experience. “It’s this suit that you lay in up to an hour, and it gets hot,” Cooper explains. The manufacturer says it has a number of benefits including cellulite reduction, anti-aging and fitness recovery.

Regardless of which service interests you, Cooper hopes Lowell residents will stop in to visit the salon. “We’re very friendly and close-knit,” she says with a smile.

For more information, including salon hours and current specials, visit the New Image Sun & Spa Facebook page.

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