Joe Martino Counseling Network Changing the World One Family at a Time

Photo courtesy of Joe Martino.

Joe Martino Counseling Network (JMCN) opened its doors in Grand Rapids almost 20 years ago.  Since then three additional locations have opened, including one in Lowell in 2013.  Joe and Erica Martino have combined their counseling and business management skills to create and grow their business.  

Looking to Change the World

The Martinos say they “want to change the world, one family at a time”.  Family to them is the core. Whether a traditional family, one where there is divorce, or some kind of non-conventional unit, taking responsibility for oneself and the family unit is the keystone.  The Martinos recently celebrated their 21st anniversary and have four kids aged 7, 14, 15, and 17. They have lived in Lowell for 12 years.  

In the late 2000s Joe Martino, attending Cornerstone University for graduate school, was faced with a decision.  Should he further his education following the path of a professor or counselor? He pursued the latter and has been worked in the counseling field for 20 years.  Those engaging in a counselor program begin their careers with a limited license, meaning hundreds of hours of work are performed with a fully licensed practitioner overseeing in addition to 3,000 hours of clinical hours.  Limited license counselors have 10 years to become fully licensed.  

Erica Martino says she has always wanted to be a counselor.  She got a Masters in Business Management but has since gone back to school to become a fully licensed counselor herself.  In addition to seeing people in the Lowell office, she has worked with Lowell Middle School students in small group situations helping them overcome anxiety.  In just a handful of weeks she’s able to see changes in the way students think and react to anxiety triggers.  

Counseling Services Offered

Joe Martino Counseling Network offers a variety of services for individuals, groups, and even businesses.  JMCN began in Grand Rapids in 2019 and opened its Lowell Office in 2013 followed by Grandville in 2015 and Greenville in 2018.  There are a total of 19 therapists and about 8 support staff. There are 8 therapists who work regularly out of the Lowell office.  

The Martinos want those who see their services to feel more aware of themselves.  Both positive and negative emotions to things are normal. The ability to respond to negatives in life is a key component to leading a balanced life.  Taking responsibility for yourself and your role in a family unit is also important. Being honest with yourself is one of the first steps in being receptive to making changes for the better.  

JMCN has spread throughout West Michigan so that more people are able to receive their services.  All of their offices are open and welcoming of anyone or group looking for help and improvement.  

Taking on Mental Health

Regardless of the reason for seeking counseling, those who look into Joe Martino Counseling Network will have a variety of therapists with a wide range of expertise eager to help.  Mental health in recent years has become better at creating more space to talk and be comfortable acknowledging that help is needed and being sought. Joe Martino hopes that he and those who are involved in his network will be able to teach others how to debate and improve thoughts and reactions to stressors in life, through individual or group therapy.  They believe change is possible and are willing to listen, value what will be said, and provide a safe place for others to be heard.

Their website has more information about services offered, therapists, and hours of operation.  Their Facebook page offers information about mental health and business updates.  The Lowell location is located at 11630 Fulton St E.

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