Scenes from Lowell: Freak Friday Edition

If you missed last weekend’s performances of Freaky Friday, you still have time to check out this year’s spring musical.  Tickets can be purchased online for $13 or at the door for $15 as long as seats are available.  Below are photos taken by Keith Baas during one of the shows last weekend.

Junior McKenna Grody (left) and Senior Emma Organek (right) play Katherine and Ellie Blake.  They’re a mother and daughter pair who don’t seem to understand the life of the other.  When they magically switch bodies they have a day to spend in each other’s world, where they learn to appreciate their own life and find a new respect for the other.

In his debut performance, Gabryel Shepard plays, Adam, one of Ellie’s friends.  He brings humor as well as tender moments in his performance.  He also shows off some hover board skills.

Grody alongside Senior Katelynn Sikkenga as Torrey, Katherine’s helper.  Katherine and Ellie switch bodies the day before Katherine is to get married.  Torrey must navigate an odd acting boss who has unlike herself, destroyed her own wedding cake.

Katherine, in Ellie’s body, has to spend a day at school where she encounters a group of girls who aren’t very nice, friends who don’t understand while she’s acting weird, and Adam, who has an interest in Ellie.

Sophomore Carlee Rogers (center) plays gym teacher Ms. Meyers who pushes her class on test day.

Throughout much of the play, Katherine and Ellie strive to find a magical hourglass hoping it will allow them to switch bodies again and return to normal.  Here Ellie’s brother Fletcher, played by Junior Brooke Rempalski, is out looking for it with Katherine, unaware he’s really with his sister.  Ellie learns her brother isn’t the *pain* she makes him out to be as they spend time together.

At one point during the day, Katherine has to meet with some of Ellie’s teachers to discuss her tardiness and poor performance in classes.  Organek and Grody perform a humorous scene with teachers played by Senior Tyler Sikkenga, Senior Judi Reagan, and Senior Bradley Baas (seated left to right at the table).

Ellie, as Katherine, goes on a photo scavenger hunt with her friends.  The group is competing against a more popular yet mean group of girls.  One of the clues leads Ellie and her friends to a fountain they have to get in and take a selfie.

Spending time with Fletcher under the guise of her mom, Ellie finds a greater appreciation for her little brother and the shared loss they have in common.

Freshman William Kolp on sound board plays an important role in the production even if he’s not seen by the audience.

Junior Logan Rose (lighting), Junior Sydney Munson (Stage Manager) and Sophomore Avery Szymanski (projection) also work behind the scenes to make sure elements of the show go off without a hitch.

Fletcher, Mike (played by Senior Cade Rogers), Katherine, and Ellie invite you to come and see Freaky Friday!

The entire cast, crew, and students from the pit have worked for months to put this production together.  They are proud of their work and have two more shows to share with the Lowell community.

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