Lowell Boutiques Invite You to “Wine About Winter”

Once the holidays are done, it doesn’t seem as though there is much to look forward to except more cold and more snow. However, three clothing boutiques in Lowell are hoping to add a little warmth and cheer to January with a Wine About Winter shopping event.

“The excitement of Christmas shopping and New Year celebrations are over, and winter cold has hit us hard,” explains Martha Davis, owner of Tap House Bo. “We wanted something we could do together and thank our customers for all their support.” As a joint initiative of Tap House Bo, Lennon & Willow and Euphoria Boutique, the evening features giveaways and sales. After shopping, the boutiques are hoping people will stop by one of the local restaurants offering drink specials for the night so they can “wine” rather than “whine” about winter.

Working Together to Create a Shopping Destination

It may seem as though the Lowell boutiques would naturally be competitors, not collaborators, but Davis says that’s not the case. “We feel strongly about the philosophy of together is better,” she says. Indeed, Davis even shops at the other boutiques herself since each store carries different product lines.

Those product lines are discovered through hours spent researching on the computer, shopping other venues and traveling to scout out unique finds. The result is each shop carries its own collection if unique clothing and gift items. While the Lowell boutiques specialize mainly in women’s clothing and accessories, people may be surprised to find other goods such as journals and artisan creations.

“We work hard at keeping different product lines in our stores to give our customers variety,” Davis says. “I think we all do an amazing job of finding new pieces to share with everyone.”

While each store is worth a visit in its own right, the boutiques hope by working together they can make Lowell a destination for clothing and specialty shoppers.

Wine About Winter Today in Lowell

The Wine About Winter event runs from 5-9pm tonight, January 19, at Tap House Bo, Lennon & Willow and Euphoria Boutique. All three shops are located on the south side of Main Street in the historic downtown district. Parking is available on the street, in the King Milling lot next to the river or in the lot by the Shell station on the corner of Hudson and Main streets.

Visitors are encouraged to stop by all three shops as each has special sales and activities planned. For instance, Lennon & Willow will offer free chair massages, giveaways and 10 percent off all purchases during the event.

To learn more about the Lowell boutiques, visit the online pages for Tap House Bo, Lennon & Willow and Euphoria Boutique.


Editor’s note: This article has been updated to clarify the details of the event.

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