May Police Blotter

The first three weeks of May were relatively quiet for the department.  They are gearing up for patrolling summer events such as the Riverwalk Festival and summer concerts.  A summary of incidents is as follows.

1 alcohol related call
3 drug cases
1 drunk driving instance
6 warrant arrests
4 miscellaneous calls
3 disorderly conduct calls
1 assault complaint
11 instances of aiding fire departments
6 larceny reports
10 motor vehicle assists
12 accidents 2 of which involved an injury
27 citizen assists

The department is in the process of hiring three-part time officers.  These openings are due to positions becoming available with part-time officers leaving for full-time jobs or other opportunities.  The department is looking for a certified person who is licensed by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.

One part-time officer has been working full-time on a temporary basis.  He has taken over the night shift so that Sgt. Hurst can work days during the absence of Chief Bukala.  

On the west side of town a motorist was assaulted and left with minor injuries.  The group responsible was interviewed.  The incident was recorded on a cell phone.  The two who assaulted the victim were taken to jail and the case remains in the court system.

A four-year old child was found in the parking lot of Speedway.  He said he was on his way to McDonald’s.  It was later determined that he was able to exit a house where his grandmother was taking a nap.  The two were asleep when the child woke first and left the home.  By the time an officer was able to locate the home where the child belonged his grandmother was out looking for him.  

Through the 1033 Program where surplus military equipment is donated to police departments.  Shipping is the only thing participants are required to pay.  The Lowell Police Department received a vending machine.  It will be placed in the department lobby.  Any proceeds raised from soft drink sales will be donated to local organizations.  

Also through the 1033 Program the department was able to receive training gear.  Padding and mats with a value totaling approximately $15,000 will be put to use.  

In May the department went on their cops camp out.  Every year members of the department travel up north for an overnight of team building.  

The department would like to remind residents of the fireworks ordinance (Chapter 10, Article V) which in part states, “Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a person may ignite, discharge or use consumer fireworks in the city on the day preceding, the day of, or the day after a national holiday. On any other day, no person may ignite, discharge or use consumer fireworks.”

The department would also like to remind residents of the temporary sign ordinance (Appendix A – Zoning, Chapter 10) as graduation parties, garage sales, and summer parties occur.  It states the following:

  1.       No sign may be within two (2) feet of the public right of way or property line (no signs between the sidewalk and curb)
  2.       No sign may be attached to a light pole, utility pole or other supporting structure
  3.       Signs will not exceed six (6) square feet and will be placed within the property line of the premise.


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