New Downtown Shop Offers Mobile Phones, 1-Hour Screen Repairs and More

The latest addition to the Lowell downtown can set you up with a new smartphone, fix your cracked screen or even come to your house to install an electronic device. Located in the historic Lowell State Bank building on the southwest corner of Monroe and Main Streets, YCD Electronics fills a gap left by the recent closures of the city’s Computer Rehab and Just Smart Guys stores.

It’s the second location for YCD which started out in CEO Andrew Mourer’s basement. The business opened a storefront in Ionia in 2017 selling cell phones and services and has quickly grown to become a full service electronics provider.

When the opportunity arose to open a second location in Lowell, it simply made sense, says Brandon Woodhams, senior vice president for YCD Electronics. The business had recently helped radio station WION install equipment to expand its coverage area to Lowell, and the company had begun receiving calls for service in the area.

“There seemed to be a need for us out here,” Woodhams explains. YCD took possession of their Lowell storefront in May and opened officially in June. Woodhams notes that the business has been warmly received by both customers and neighboring business owners alike. “Everyone is so welcoming,” he says.

Repairs and Sales Under One Roof

Brad Woodhams checks a customer order at YCD Electronics on Main Street in Lowell.

YCD – which stands for Your Connection Destination – offers a range of services including sales, repairs and installations. The company is able to sell new smartphones and laptops but specializes in refurbished ones. They can also set up customers with mobile phone service from all the major service providers except Sprint.

For those with cracked screens, Woodhams says YCD can often have iPhone screens repaired in less than an hour. Samsung screen repairs take 24 hours because of the time needed for the materials used to set properly. The business can also diagnosis and fix problems on virtually any device that “turns on, blinks or doesn’t.” That includes televisions, drones and MP3 players.

“We always use premium quality parts,” Woodhams explains. He adds that YCD will price match repairs made with comparable parts if a customer is able to provide a pricing flyer or other documentation from a competitor.

YCD makes house calls as well to help with tasks large and small. For instance, they can set up printers, troubleshoot desktop computers or install household electronics such as Nest smart thermostats, Google mesh wifi routers and home security systems.

As a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, Woodhams became a Nest Certified Pro. “I had to work really hard for that,” he says. For customers, the upside is not only a professional installation of Nest products but also a five year extended warranty rather than the standard three year warranty on Nest thermostats.

To learn more about YCD Electronics and the services they offer, visit their website or follow their Facebook page.

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  1. Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. I’ve even seen them selling property that was STOLEN from customers! They’ll sell you a phone for hundreds of dollars and will buy it back for only ~20% of what you paid for it less than a month later. Really bad business model, which is a true shame, because it could be a great business if it was ran properly. Tread VERY carefully if you step foot in this store, they will do everything they can to rip you off.

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