Press Release: Treasures for Troops Collection Now Through November 15

We received the following press release from the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce and WION Radio.  Check back early next week.  We’re working on with more information about the effort.

From the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce and WION Radio




Phone:     616/897-9161
Web site:
Contact:  Liz Baker – Executive Director

Phone:    616/527-9466
Web site:
Contact:  Jim Carlyle, Co-Owner/Manager of  WION


Lowell and Ionia, Michigan
November 1st, 2018


Now in its 5th year, WION Radio, Ionia’s “Treasures for Troops” expands in Lowell!

The Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce and WION Radio Ionia, who have teamed up in the past to promote the collection of items for deployed soldiers before the holidays, are proud to announce a new partnership!

Student radio station, WRWW at Lowell High School has partnered in Lowell with the Chamber to solicit specific types of donations needed in the yearly “Treasures for Troops” drive. LAS Students will be heard on the air promoting the drive.  There are several locations to bring your items, but here in Lowell, the Chamber and WRWW Lowell High School radio are the locations of choice.  Items can be dropped off at the WRWW radio studios and the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce from now until November 15th during regular business hours.

Treasures for the Troops is a yearly collection of commonly available items that will be sent to deployed American Servicemen and Women overseas.  Many items that are common to us are not to them, and many basic needs the soldiers have to fund out of their own pockets.  Comfort items are also important in the drive as they bring a “piece of home” to our soldiers, wherever they are deployed.

WION will broadcast from the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce offices on November 15th, and has invited Lowell High School radio students to join in the fun as the town prepares for the kickoff of “27th Annual Christmas Through Lowell event.

The list of needs for soldiers can be found at:

There’s also an ongoing “blog” which is updated daily with full information, donor info, and more at: or call the Chamber.

Help us make America’s Servicemen and Women enjoy their time away a little more during this Holiday Season!

  • Drop off items – November 1 – November 15, 2018 at WRWW radio studios or the Chamber
  • WION Radio Broadcasting Live – Thursday, November 15, 4pm to 7pm



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