Red Arrow Archery Tag Soars into Lowell

Drew Struckmeyer may be known as Lowell’s local ninja guy, but earlier this year he partnered with Matt Tiede to bring Red Arrow Archery Tag to West Michigan.  Archery Tag is a company with roots worldwide which sells franchises to local markets. Struckmeyer felt the new endeavour fit well with his Ninjas on the Move.  Both focus on active fun for all ages.

The Game
For those who are new to archery tag, “[It] includes recurve bows, foam-tipped arrows, safety masks, and bunkers. It is a high-adventure and low-risk activity that is fun for all ages.” according to Struckmeyer.  The game can be played similar to dodgeball, capture the flag, or even storm the fort.

While the mainly middle school and high school students seek out this type of event, archery tag is great for ages seven and up.  Those wanting an opportunity to participate in archery tag will have to contact Red Arrow Archery Tag and schedule an event.  They are event based and do not have a facility. However, they bring all of the equipment needed to scheduled events such as birthday parties, family functions, church groups, large events, and more.  

Struckmeyer and Tiede are looking into events this summer where people will have the opportunity to try out Red Arrow Archery Tag.  Check out their Facebook page to keep up to date on their happenings.  

A Ninja Update
Ninjas on the Move has begun offering programming with Grand Rapids Gymnastics.  The partnership will offer events year-round in an indoor ninja gym. Open gym opportunities for teens and adults are Fridays from 6pm-8pm and kids open gym takes place on Saturdays 1pm-3pm.  Classes for kids also take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays. More information can be found on the Ninjas on the Move website or Facebook page.  
American Ninja Warrior (ANW) recently lowered their age limit meaning Struckmeyer could finally apply.  He’s still waiting to hear if he has been selected to compete. If it doesn’t happen this year he’ll continue to try.  And the remainder of this year he’ll continue work with Ninjas on the Move, course testing for ANW, and competing in national ninja leagues.  

The Ninja Archer
Drew Struckmeyer continues to delve into business opportunities as he continues his personal ninja warrior journey.  He has been able to become a role model, mentor, and leader to those he comes in contact with, young and old(er). He’s more than willing to talk with kids and adults about himself and his business.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to chat with Struckmeyer, next time you see him with his ninja or archery equipment at an event, take a moment to get to know him.

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