Weekend Concert to Feature Mix of Favorite Tunes, Original Indie Rock

Blues, gospel and folk music have all made an appearance during the 2018 LowellArts House Concerts series. Now it is time for pop and rock to have a turn. The Saturday, May 5th concert will include young artists who are sure to impress an audience of all ages.

Opening the night is 15-year old Lexi Reign who will perform a selection of favorite songs from artists such as Shawn Mendes and 21 Pilots. After her 30 minute set, The Ryne Experience will take the stage to perform original music that will appeal to those who like indie and acoustic rock.

This Saturday’s concert will be held in the LowellArts Gallery at 223 West Main Street. It starts at 7pm and should run about two hours. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $5 or cost $7 at the door.

The Ryne Experience: No Stranger to the Local Music Scene

The Ryne Experience is headed by Ryne Clarke (left) who collaborates with other young, local musicians.

Headlining the concert is The Ryne Experience. Those familiar with the Lowell music scene will no doubt be familiar with Ryne Clarke. He was previously in The Preservers, a local band that included some of the same members that are now collaborating in The Ryne Experience.

Ryne Clarke

Made up of local teens, The Preservers were active from 2014 to 2017 and even reunited for their own House Concert in January. However, as some members left for college, it became difficult to keep the group together. Clarke asked his former bandmates Jerry Wenger and Patrick Kargl to collaborate with him on The Ryne Experience. Joining the three is Devon Falk to complete the core group that will be performing at LowellArts this Saturday.

At age 19, Clarke has become an accomplished musician in only a few short years. “When I was 14-years old, I decided I was going to play the accordion,” he recalls. However, after hearing groups like The Who, The Beatles and The Kinks, he made the switch to guitar. With The Preservers, Clarke released two full length albums, and he’s got one single – Indie Rock Pop Star – out for The Ryne Experience with an album expected in the fall.

For the concert this Saturday, Clarke says he’s been experimenting with some new sounds so the music should feel fresh even for those familiar with his previous work. “It’s going to be a fun time,” he says.
In addition to the LowellArts House Concert, fans of The Ryne Experience can also catch the group during Tuesday Bike Nights at Big Boiler Brewing. Clarke says he will be performing from 7-9pm each Tuesday with various musical collaborators. Those performances will continue through September 4th.

For more information on The Ryne Experience, visit the official website or Bandcamp page. You can also follow The Ryne Experience on Facebook.

Lexi Reign Opens the Night

Opening for The Ryne Expensive is another talented, young musician. Lexi Reign is only 15-years old, but she’s been performing for four years already.

“I grew up in a musical family,” she explains. Her uncles have an affinity for music, and Reign’s father, John Corlew, was part of a metal band that played original songs. Later, he joined a cover group although he gave that up when he became a parent. Although the band fell by the wayside, Corlew still has a music room which helped cultivate Reign’s love of the art.

Church provided the first opportunity for the Kenowa Hills high school student to perform. “When I was younger, I always wanted to be on the worship team,” Reign says. After that dream became reality, the teen decided to branch out to sing elsewhere as well.

Although initially confronted with stage fright, Reign overcame it with some help from her dad. The two would travel to open mic nights or locations such as coffee shops where Reign would pull out her guitar and give impromptu performances. “Once she opens up her mouth and starts singing, people don’t mind her being around,” Corlew says the experiences.

Now, Reign has turned into a confident musician. She took her ukulele to ArtPrize, performed for Blues Jam at the Deltaplex and has even sung in Lowell before during the Harvest Festival. However, charity events hold a special place in Reign’s heart. One of her most meaningful performances occurred last year at a benefit show for her sister who would later pass away from leukemia.

Reign says music is more than a hobby, but she’s not sure if it’ll become her career. As a four time Spelling Bee champion and a member of her school orchestra, her options are wide open. The teen says she may want to become a nurse or a doctor.

Those who attend the Saturday LowellArts House Concert will hear Reign cover a variety of music styles in her opening set. “I really love the more meaningful songs,” she says, “[but] I also like a good beat.”

You can follow Lexi Reign on Facebook and YouTube.

For more information on the LowellArts House Concert series, to buy tickets and to see other upcoming acts, visit the LowellArts website.

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