Sale Trail Hopes to Fill Gap Left by Loss of Christmas Through Lowell

Rhoda Greenman-Batt shows off some items available during the Sale Trail. Photo courtesy of Rhoda Greenman-Batt.

Lowell residents disappointed by the cancellation of Christmas Through Lowell have an opportunity to buy unique and handmade products at 16 locations this weekend. The Sale Trail will run on Friday, October 2, from 9am-6pm and on Saturday, October 3, from 9am-3pm and feature both handcrafted goods and other gift items.

“We were not surprised when Christmas through Lowell cancelled this year, but like a lot of sellers, this is how we make our Christmas shopping money,” says Rhoda Greenman-Batt who came up with the idea of the Sale Trail along with fellow crafter Theresa Mundt.

Like Christmas Through Lowell, the Sale Trail will take shoppers to various homes throughout the community. However, Greenman-Batt and Mundt specifically chose an October date to avoid bringing large numbers of people together indoors. Christmas Through Lowell is usually held in November when the cold weather means crafts sales must be held inside.

“We wanted to do a sale safely by being outside,” Greenman-Batt says. She is hoping for good weather this weekend, and many stops are expected to be set up inside open garages that will allow air to circulate. As an added precaution, masks and social distancing are also required.

Getting Creative in the Time of COVID

Festive frames are among the crafts available at Stop #7. Photo courtesy of Jackie Tousley.

For nearly 30 years, Christmas Through Lowell has been a mainstay in the community. For many local residents, it’s a chance to kick-off the holiday shopping season and pick up homemade gifts that aren’t readily available at other times of the year.

Greenman-Batt has participated in Christmas Through Lowell for approximately 25 years, and several other stops also have crafters who have been longtime vendors at the event. For the Sale Trail, Greenman-Batt, Mundt and two others make up the Cute and Clever Crafters at Stop #1 at 800 Bowes Road.

“My crafting has changed over the years,” Greenman-Batt notes. This year, she’ll have painted candles and some pre-owned treasures for sale. Plus, the stop will feature comfort wraps, fleece baby blankets, book racks made from pallets and more. She adds, “Theresa is a talented seamstress and knitter.”

At Stop #7, 1659 Barnsley Court, Jackie Tousley is offering crafts made by members of the Lowell Women’s Club. With the cancellation of both Christmas Through Lowell and the Fallasburg Arts Festival, the non-profit has lost both its major fundraisers for the year.

“Those events have been big fundraisers for us in the past,” Tousley explains, “so we wanted to find a way to earn money which will be used to award scholarships to our Lowell High School student members as well as provide money to area non-profits in the form of community gifts.”

At the Lowell Women’s Club stop, there will be handcrafted Christmas and all-occasion cards, Christmas stockings, reading pillows for children, Christmas countdown blocks and more. “You won’t want to miss this stop as there is such a nice variety of items for everyone,” Tousley says.

16 Stops on the 2020 Lowell Sale Trail

Greenman-Batt put the word out about the Sale Trail on social media and had a positive response from vendors and shoppers alike. The following 16 locations will be open for sales on Friday and Saturday, October 2 and 3.

#1- 800 Bowes Rd.

#2- 516 W. Main St.

#3- 292 Donna

#4- 964 Riverside

#5- 826 Grindle

#6- E. Main (Next to Keiser’s)

#7- 1659 Barnsley Ct.

#8- 11356 Taunton Dr. SE

#9- 10296 Bluewater HWY

#10- 1017 Alden Nash SE

#11- 4837 Bancroft Ave SE

#12- 6801 Alden Nash, Alto

#13- 9525 60th St Se, Alto (Closed on Friday and open 9-1pm on Saturday)

#14- 12494 Vergennes

#15- 297 Farmstead Dr.

#16- 10879 Carmen Oak Dr.

After a long summer of cancellations, Greenman-Batt hopes the Sale Trail will provide a safe and enjoyable way to get out of the house, saying: “We hope people come, shop and have fun, and we are praying for sun!”


  1. I don’t understand. The Chamber canceled Walk Through Lowell to help curtail the Virus. If the city feels we should not have something like this why did people go ahead and do something like it anyway. I feel we should follow Lowell’s and the State of Michigan’s wished.

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