Scenes from Lowell: Fallasburg Village Celebration Edition

Photo courtesy of Bruce Doll

Last weekend, the Fallasburg Historical Society put on a party for the entire community. During the Fallasburg Village Celebration, everyone was invited to come to the historic Fallasburg Village on Saturday, July 30, and listen to music, explore historic buildings and take part in a variety of family-friendly activities.

There was music all day long at the stage in the Fallas Field. Five artists performed: Eli Roe, Bruce Matthews, Rin Tarsy Duo (shown above), Hawks and Owls and Easy Idle String Band.

Speakers were set up at various points in the village so people could listen while also exploring the historic buildings. In the old schoolhouse, there were three demonstrations scheduled for those who wanted to know more about what learning was like “back in the day.”

The schoolhouse is also home to a diorama that offers a bird’s eye view of the village and includes structures that remain on the site as well as those lost in time. The diorama is something of a historical item itself and was created in the early 1970s.

In the Tower House, there were a variety of old tools and implements on display.

People could also step inside the historic Fallas House, where the rooms are relatively small by today’s standards and the stairs are most definitely not up to code.

On the grounds of the Tower Farm, there were old tractors…

…and classic cars.

Across the way, at the Misner House, the Mystery Machine was on display. (Can you believe Scoob and the gang debuted on TV more than 50 years ago?!)

Near the Misner House, Tuckertown Forge was also present demonstrating their blacksmithing skills.

A Civil War encampment was also set up during the Fallasburg Village Celebration.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Doll

And several local museums and non-profits had tables and booths available for visitors to learn more about their programs.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an old-fashioned celebration without old-fashioned games. In addition to sack races, there was hoop rolling, board walking and more.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Doll

There were also a variety of old tools and other items available for visitors who wanted a hands-on experience.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Doll

The day ended with a square dance that had everyone smiling.

If you missed the celebration, there will be other opportunities this year to attend events in the historic village. Follow the Fallasburg Historical Society on Facebook or visit their website to stay informed of the latest events.

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