SupportLAS Announces LAS Board of Education Candidate Endorsement Criteria

We received the following press release from SupportLAS.

Lowell, Michigan —SupportLAS has announced its candidate endorsement criteria for the November 5, 2024 Lowell Area Schools Board of Education election. The criteria aligns with the district’s long-standing commitment to improving and maintaining a high standard of learning for its students, while encouraging staff and administrators to continually strive to act in the best interests of students and the community while maintaining adherence to state and federal law.

The criteria, outlined below, will be used by members of the registered, non-partisan political action committee — all district voters, including a K-12 LAS alumnus, a district parent, and a former LAS Board president — to evaluate candidates — including incumbents — on a numerical scale.

An announcement of the four candidates endorsed by Support LAS is planned to be made prior to the start of early voting.

“LAS Board of Education trustees are at the forefront of promoting and maintaining the integrity of our district,” reads SupportLAS’s mission statement. “As such, SupportLAS will endorse a slate of candidates equal to the number of open seats who we feel best represent those attributes.”

Endorsement criteria was developed in alignment with concerns expressed to the Board by parents, staff, community members and students since SupportLAS was formed in 2020. The group mobilized community members as a way to counter unnecessary, unwarranted criticisms of educators and administrative staff, so they can maintain their full time and attention on students.

SupportLAS operates entirely independently of the district.

Each of the four endorsed candidates will be those deemed to best represent and articulate that they:

UNDERSTAND THE RANGE OF FUNCTIONS A SCHOOL BOARD PERFORMS Supports public schools and names concrete examples of how, as a board member, they would do so, such as advocating for equitable funding, and encouraging innovation and academic rigor, teacher retention, and student engagement.

FOCUS ON EFFORTS THAT IMPROVE OUTCOMES FOR ALL STUDENTS Not all students can always come to school healthy, well fed and ready to learn. The candidate recognizes and can articulate the value of mental health supports, social-emotional learning, school meals, and other non-academic support for student well-being and for maximizing success.

DEMONSTRATE AN INVESTMENT IN UNDERSTANDING THE WORKINGS OF THE LAS BOARD OF EDUCATION Has shown initiative to learn about current LAS issues, such as via attending BoE meetings or meeting with members of the current administration and board. Can speak in terms beyond “willing to learn” about main areas such as public school financing, and/or has taken or is enrolled in public service courses.

MODEL BEHAVIOR THAT SUPPORTS LOCAL, ACCURATE AND HONEST EDUCATION The candidate has existing ties to the LAS community and/or specific skills, expertise or perspectives that may elevate or complement the current board, and participates in activities that contribute to the community.

For more information about SupportLAS, go to or find them on Facebook.

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