The Lowell Riddler: Riddle #8 Solved!

The Lowell Riddler is hiding medallions in the City of Lowell and offering area residents the chance to win a prize of local gift cards. Look for a new clue or riddle each Saturday!

The eighth riddle from The Lowell Riddler had people searching on street corners all over town, but it wasn’t until the second clue was revealed that the location was finally found.

“We searched a lot last weekend all over Lowell,” the winners wrote in an email to the Riddler. “This week’s clue that said it was ‘near the river’ narrowed it down. My daughter literally came back from Chicago again this weekend to look some more. We were determined to find it!”

Here’s what else The Lowell Riddler sent us when announcing the winner and the answers behind the riddle:



Brian Mitchell from Lowell and Kennedy Mitchell-Henderson from Chicago!

They won a prize pack that includes Lowell Bucks from Canfield Plumbing & Heating,
a gift certificate from Flat River Cottage

and a gift certificate from Ability Weavers.

Also included is an anonymous donation of a gift card
for Main Street BBQ!

For the second clue, there is a bonus anonymous donation of a gift card for Sweet Seasons!

Here are the answers to the two clues:

Clue #1
I’m located near a corner, all lit up at night (Avery & Monroe)
I’m also well hidden, entirely out of sight (Behind Cedar Trees)
I can see many, as they come and they go (Parking lot, Library, etc.)
Reach around to get me, at least there’s no snow (Back of light pole)

Clue #2
There can be cars in front, on the side and behind (Parking lot, Runciman alley, Monroe St.)
Sometimes it’s quiet with full peace of mind
I’m near the river, and I can see brick (Flat by Riverwalk/Runciman building wall)
You should find me now, but you better be quick
(The Riddler was correct! Clue #2 revealed at 7:00am and found at 8:30am!)

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