The Restless Viking: Devil’s Washtub

This article was originally published on October 11, 2022 on The Restless Viking website.

This unmarked site, Devil’s Washtub, makes for an exciting find along the Lake Superior shoreline near the tip of the Keweenaw peninsula. Brendan, our hotel concierge, along with Will told us about this unique blowhole rock formation. It’s located along M26 near Mohawk, Michigan. Two miles west of Copper Harbor.

You just pull off to the side of the road and take the trail near the guardrail.

I couldn’t believe that there weren’t any signs, walkways or a gift shop! Usually these natural formations become overrun with tacky tourists who wear Mackinac Island t-shirts. It was delightful to have had Brendan share this secret, local knowledge.

The Devil’s Washtub roars to life when waves crash along the shore.

As we investigated the deep crevasse, we heard people chatting as they neared us. It was Ingrid, a Michigan Technological University student, with her family. She was showing her relations all the highlights in the area. With wide eyes Ingrid told the tale that she and her friends had jumped into Lake Superior and then swam under the rock “bridge” into the Devil’s Washtub.

We peered into The Devil’s Washtub imagining water bursting through this hole.

Ingrid’s mother and I shared an eyeroll. Ingrid casually stated, “Yeah. I wouldn’t have known there was a passage under there unless my friends had shown me.” Personally, I felt a little claustrophobic just looking into the crater.

This gutsy co-ed, Ingrid, is working at Michigan Technological University this summer after earning trophies in a self driving car competition. She’ll start her sophomore year in the fall.

The Devil’s Washtub

This formation is also known as “Sloshing Whatnot.” This volcanic rock is labeled as the Copper Harbor Conglomerate which holds many interesting creations. The Devil’s Washtub or Sloshing Whatnot can churn during storms creating a blow hole effect. The day we were there it was fairly calm, where one could more easily swim into the deep basin. (Not me, though.)

DaViking filming the rushing water inside the Devil’s Washtub.

How To Get There

It’s easier to located than I thought. The Devil’s Washtub is a site on Google Maps, too. We parked away from the curve and walked back to the guard rail. The trail starts right at the end of the railing.

There are several other paths along the rocky shore which we enjoyed. The views of Lake Superior are stunning! Thank you, Brendan and Will for suggestions on local sites!

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