Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for January 2023

Lowell Police Department Hybrid vehicle

Lowell residents were largely on their best behavior last month, but police say there is a worrying trend of people from outside the community coming here to commit crimes. It’s something officers saw in a rash of thefts from vehicles at the end of last year and, more recently, in a robbery from a marijuana store

In total, the Lowell Police Department had 222 reports filed for January 2023, including the following:

  • 58 assists to other agencies
  • 26 pistol permits and sales
  • 12 general and motorist assists
  • 11 suspicious situations
  • 8 traffic accidents
  • 6 obstructing justice
  • 6 ordinance violations
  • 4 non-aggravated assaults
  • 3 larcenies
  • 3 stalking/harassment
  • 2 breaking and entering

Lowell officers also made 34 traffic stops that resulted in 4 citations.

Breaking and Entering at Marijuana Store

Perhaps the most serious recent crime happened at a local marijuana store. Thieves broke a window and entered the building at approximately 8am. That triggered an alarm that alerted an officer to investigate.

The officer arrived about 20 seconds after the thieves left, but Police Chief Chris Hurst says that may have been for the best. Security footage of the incident shows the suspects moving through the building with guns drawn. The call could have ended much differently if the officer had an encounter with armed robbers, the police chief notes.

The marijuana store has excellent security cameras, Hurst says, but apparently the thieves were prepared for that. They were covered from head-to-toe, including full-face ski masks. Based on their body types, police believe the suspects are young males, but they were unable to discern any identifying features from the footage. It appears they left in a stolen vehicle.
Information about the Lowell break-in has been turned over to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office to see if it might be connected to robberies at other marijuana stores in the county.

Lowell Police Apprehend Suspect Wanted in Battle Creek

A Lowell officer thought he was responding to a routine fender bender that occurred early in the morning on an icy road. But when he arrived at the site of the crash, others said the driver had taken off on foot. The person made their way to the BP gas station and then crossed through some backyards before breaking into a garage to hide.

Another officer came on duty and a dog was called in to join the search. Fortunately, the fresh snow on the ground made the individual easy to track.

When he was apprehended, police discovered that he was wanted for multiple warrants in Battle Creek, including a gun charge. Apparently, he was also believed to be involved in a shooting there.

Domestic Problem Ends Happily

In another case, police responded to a domestic situation in which one half of a couple appeared to be having a mental breakdown. The other person in the relationship barricaded themselves in the bathroom and called their dad. The person is distress chased the father away when he arrived at the house, and police were contacted.

Police were able to make contact with the person in the bathroom and guide them to safety. The individual in distress was able to get the care they needed, and no one wanted to press charges after the incident. Police later received a note from the person who had been distress thanking them for their help on that day.

Garbage Truck Fire

If you noticed a lot of smoke at the Hudson and Main Street intersection a few weeks ago, that was likely when a garbage truck caught fire. Apparently, the brakes on the vehicle seized up and ignited.

Both the police and fire departments were quick to respond, and no one was hurt. Hurst says the Department of Public Works staff also deserve credit for quickly cleaning up the road and salting it to ensure other vehicles were able to travel safely after the incident.

All Officers Recertified for Tasers

In other news, officers went through a required taser recertification process. “Everyone got through it without a problem,” Hurst notes.

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