The Restless Viking: Gladiator Build

This article was originally published on June 3, 2021 on The Restless Viking website. 

We embark on an expedition vehicle build for a 2021 Jeep Gladiator. You could call it an “overland build” or an “expedition build”. We will follow the entire build from interior to all the additions and modifications. We don’t expect to modify the stock build much as this vehicle is a “means to an end”. It is a basecamp for a varied set of adventures.

Episode #1 – The Previous Rig – Jeep JL Clifford the Red Walk Around

This is: Episode #2 (basic interior) – we start with some very basic interior modifications from a device rail system, to overhead molle, DIY interior light and equipment bar, rear under seat storage and rear molle panels. We will fill those panels and bars in a later episode.

This Jeep JT is called “Grumpy (the Long Grey)”. The vehicle will be used to tow things from campers to boats to fire wood. It will be a work horse and a travel platform. The winch will pull logs, tow sheds and clear trails as well as recover vehicles. It will be a camping platform and a work platform. From building remote cabins to hauling boats for maritime operations.

Grumpy is expected to embark on expeditions to some of the most remote roads in North America and partake in adventures outside of overlanding. It will hold a sizable amount of gear for fixing the vehicle and building shelter.



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