Here Are Your 5 Lowell City Council Candidates

This November, City of Lowell residents will vote to fill three spots on the City Council. Of the three incumbents whose seats are up for reelection, Jim Hodges is retiring while the other two have filed to be on the ballot. They will face off against three challengers.

We’ll have more in-depth information on each candidate as the election approaches, but here’s a first look at the men running (listed in alphabetical order):

Greg Canfield

Greg Canfield, who was elected last November after the recall of former Mayor Jeff Altoft, is wrapping up his first year on the council. He is the owner of Canfield Plumbing & Heating and Main Street Inn and says revitalizing the Lowell downtown is a passion of his. Prior to being elected to the City Council, Canfield was the longtime chair of the Lowell Light & Power board. You can visit his campaign site on Facebook.

Jake Davenport

As the youngest candidate in the race, Jake Davenport is a student at Ferris State University. He’s been active in Lowell’s Boy Scout Troop 102 and describes himself as a conservative Republican who believes in smaller government, lower taxes and individual potential. You can visit his campaign site on Facebook as well.

Michael DeVore

Lowell’s current mayor is wrapping up his first term in office and hoping voters will return him to the seat. Michael DeVore is a dispatcher for American Medical Response and the Lowell Area Fire Authority.

Mark Ritzema

While this appears to be Mark Ritzema’s first foray into local politics, he’s no stranger to public service. He previously served as an officer with the Lowell Police Department and a deputy sheriff with the Kent County Sheriff Department. Now retired, Ritzema was also an investigator with Farmers Insurance Group.

James Salzwedel

James Salzwedel is a member of the Lowell Planning Commission and the Lowell Light & Power Board and has publicly championed the development of a local government that is proactive, transparent and accountable. Salzwedel ran unsuccessfully for City Council two years ago, but he is hoping this time will be different.

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