5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for March 2019

Each month, we look back to see which articles resonated most with readers and then share that insider information with you. The website had 11,138 views in March, and that’s in addition to the 19,382 people our Facebook page reached in the last 28 days. The big news of the month seemed to be the Riverview Flats development, but it looks like some of you are making plans for summer too.

Here’s a look at most-read articles on Lowell’s First Look, based on website views, during March 2019.

5. Unity Redevelopment Project Off the Council Agenda for Monday

The Riverview Flats project intended to turn the old bus garage at the former Unity High School into condominiums. City Manager Mike Burns says he’s been working with developers for more than a year, but everything seemed to fall apart once people started asking questions – questions like why developers didn’t seem to want to share a site plan for the entire Unity property, how was the city going to protect access to the Flat River boat launch and what would happen to the green space next to the library. The developers don’t seem inclined to talk to us and the city has been silent so we’re uncertain whether the condos will go forward at this point.

4. Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for February 2019

If Lowell residents had to pick a crown jewel for the city, it would probably be the Lowell Police Department. With lightning fast response times, approachable officers and a commitment to helping others however possible, our police force inspires a lot of pride in town. The February Police Beat, which highlighted some of the department’s cases, was the fourth most-read article last month.

3. Press Release: Lowell Showboat Sizzlin’ Concert Lineup Released

With snow predicted in the extended forecast this week, it feels like winter will NEVER end. However our hearts may be despairing about the cold weather, we all know deep down that the summer sun will eventually shine. And a bunch of you seem to be making plans already to spend your Thursday nights on the Riverwalk once that happens. This press release of the 2019 Showboat Sizzlin’ Concert series lineup was the third most popular article of the month.

2. City Council Recap: Statement on Riverview Flats, LCTV Grant Awards

Now, it’s possible you read this article to see who was in line to receive a LCTV grant this year (it was the library, FROM and Junior Achievement to name a few), but we really think people were more interested to read Mayor Mike DeVore’s statement on the Riverview Flats project. In it, he outlined how councilmembers decided a proposed land swap wasn’t in the best interest of the community and then shared that developers sent the city a $1.53 million bill for its use of the green space next to the library. As mentioned earlier, everyone is mum on the status of this issue now, but if more information comes our way, you’ll be the first to know.

1. Lowell High School’s Production of Mary Poppins Opens This Week

It was the biggest story of the month: Lowell High School students were putting on a production of Mary Poppins that rivaled anything the pros could do. Playing to packed houses for each performance, an extra matinee was even added to the two-week run in order to meet demand for tickets. Everyone was wowed by the talent that was on display, and you can see more photos in our review.

Did your favorite article make the list? Which story did you like best last month?

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  1. The Lowell production of Mary Poppins was absolutely great it’s no wonder it was the number one story, nice going Savanna and the rest of the great cast.

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