Country Cake Creations Specializes in Baked Goods for Celebrations and Personal Treats

Sue Priest began Country Cake Creations in 2012 when she started getting regular outside orders for her baked goods. Prior to that she was the go-to for family events. “Friends were looking for an affordable baker for weddings and birthday celebrations. Family members convinced me to ‘put my name out there’ and so it began!” she says of starting her own business. Priest has been a resident of the Lowell community since 1995 but is familiar with the area from visits to her mother’s family, many of whom still live in the area.

Priest says her daughter and husband are her biggest support system. Daughter Kristen doesn’t hesitate if help is needed delivering orders and husband Dorrell frequently suggests upgrades and equipment purchases as well as helps with renovations to areas of the house used for the business. In addition to owning her own business, Priest also works four days a week as a Community Manager at an apartment complex in Lowell.

With an interest in baking spanning decades, Priest dabbed in confections before she had kids, taking decorating classes at JCPenney. She also studied online tutorials and took more classes at Hobby Lobby throughout the years in order to advance her skills. Country Cake Creations is operated under Michigan Cottage Laws Priest has also obtained a certificate of training through Michigan State University.

Priest says cupcakes are her favorite thing to bake, calling them “little pieces of art”. “There are so many flavors with so many different combinations of fillings and toppings. I always say a cupcake is not a cupcake if it’s not filled.” she comments. Cakes can be challenging working with different fillings, designs, stacking multiple layers and tiers according to Priest. There is a lot of attention to detail that can go into the design of a cake in addition to flavors and fillings inside.

In addition to cakes and cupcakes, Country Cake Creations also offers cocoa bombs and hot cider bombs during the winter months and seasonal cookie decorating kits that include baked cookies, icing, and sprinkles. Pricing for cupcakes range between $1.50 and $1.75 each while cakes will cost about $1.50 per serving with an additional cost for fondant decorations. Those bombs mentioned above? They run an average of $3.50 each and cookie decorating kits are $25.00.

Those looking to place an order for a special occasion or would like to purchase a “just because” treat should plan in advance. Six months notice is preferred for wedding cakes. Smaller cakes and cupcakes can be handled with a two to three week notice. Contacting Priest through her Facebook page for information, pricing, and placing an order is the best way to reach out.

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