Election 2019: Everything You Need to Know Before Voting in Lowell

On Tuesday, November 5, Lowell voters will head to the polls once again. While there are no state or national issues on the ballot this year, voters have several local proposals before them.

Ballots can be cast between 7am and 8pm tomorrow, and here’s everything you need to know, depending on where you live.

2019 City of Lowell November Election

There are two precincts in the city, and all voters cast their ballots at Lowell City Hall. City voters will elect councilmembers this year as well as decide whether to institute a city income tax.

Lowell City Council Election

Five candidates are vying for three spots on Lowell City Council. The two candidates with the most votes will receive four-year terms on the council while the third place finisher will have a two-year term.

Click each name below to read a profile of each candidate. (Note: Despite multiple attempts to schedule an interview, we were unable to speak with Danielle Ettinger and write a profile on her.)

Marty Chambers

Jake Davenport

Mike DeVore

Danielle Ettinger

Cliff Yankovich

We also emailed each candidate questions about specific policies and issues. You can click each question below to read their responses. Candidate responses were copied verbatim and have not been edited in any way.

What are the three biggest challenges facing the City of Lowell today and how will you address them?

What do you see as the role of council members within city government?

Do you support the creation of a city income tax? If the income tax is not passed by voters, how should the city address road repairs?

Do/did you support the decision to allow recreational marijuana businesses within the City of Lowell? What, if any, restrictions should be placed on these businesses?

Do you support adding full-time firefighters to the Lowell Area Fire Department? If so, how should the cost be funded?

Do you support phasing out the defined benefit retirement system for city employees and using a defined contribution system instead? (Same link as the question above)

Lowell City Income Tax Proposal

The City of Lowell is asking voters to consider a city income tax to help fund street repairs. If the city income tax is passed, the property tax rate can also be reduced by 5 mills. There will be two proposals on the City of Lowell ballot: one for the city income tax and one for the property tax reduction.

For more detailed information, read our article on the proposals.

2019 Lowell Charter Township November Election

There are two precincts in Lowell Charter Township, and voters in each cast their ballots at Lowell Township Hall, located at 2910 Alden Nash Ave. NE.

Township residents who live within the Caledonia Community Schools district will have to decide whether to allow an 18 mill assessment on non-homestead properties such as businesses and second homes. If approved, the revenue will be used to fund school operations.

However, most township voters will see only a single issue on their ballot. It is a proposal to increase property taxes by 1 mill to pay for public safety services. Our article on the proposal contains more details for you to review.

2019 Vergennes Township November Election

There are no local races or ballot proposals in Vergennes Township this fall. Voters get to sit this election out, and the next time they’ll head to the polls will be for the presidential primary in March 2020.

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