Flat River Gallery and Framing Artist Profile: Mary Bommarito

Finding peace in nature which aids in inspiration for artist Mary Bommarito.  She is one of the artists with work featured and available for purchase at Flat River Gallery and Framing.  Her work with multiple mediums gives those looking at her work a variety to fall in love with. Along with support from her husband Joe and daughters Sarah and Lerin, she has been encouraged throughout the years to continue creating works of arts for many to enjoy.

Meet the Artist

Bommarito’s journey with art began in April 1998 with art instructor Loretta Sailors.  Through classes, Bommarito met artists who were part of the Lowell Arts Council and became involved with the group.  She has been part of Flat River Gallery and Framing’s lineup of artists since summer 2016.

Bommarito works with a variety of mediums.  “My first love is watercolor. I love the way the colors interact with each other.” she says of her source to create artwork.  She also works with pastel and acrylic, sometimes mixing all of her expertise in one product!

Gaining inspiration from the outdoors, where she finds a “certain kind of peace”, Bommarito tries to recreate the centered feeling and strength found in nature and pass it on to those who view her work.  Much of her work is landscape, but she’ll also create other nature inspired objects like birds and flowers. In addition to the works of art she creates, Bommarito has cards featuring her paintings available for sale.  

Using watercolor on yupo paper is Bommarito’s biggest challenge.  This type of paper is plastic and allows the color to stay more vibrant according to the artist.  “ Because the paper is plastic the color melts into another, or it can remove it completely. Making it very tricky to work with but I love it.” she comments.  Sometimes the biggest challenges can also be the biggest source of fun and enjoyment.

Visit the Gallery

The cooperative at Flat River Gallery and Framing provides visitors with diverse talent.  Offerings include paintings, products made of clay, jewelry, cards. Artists are continuously changing what is offered based on what is sold and new items being created.

Over 20 artists are part of the gallery’s cooperative.  Those involved with the gallery are often found discussing materials and technique while inspiring each other.  “I feel I am braver, putting myself out there more.” says Bommarito of her experience with fellow artists and friends at the gallery.  

Flat River Gallery and Framing is located at 219 W. Main Street in Lowell.  Follow them on Facebook or Instagram as well to keep up to date on news, events, and artists.

Photos courtesy of Mary Bommarito and used with permission.

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