FROM June Volunteers of the Month

We received the following information from Flat River Outreach Ministries regarding their June Volunteers of the Month.

The Volunteers of the Month for June are Kathy and Bob Duprey. The Dupreys have been married for 52 years and both enjoy volunteering at FROM. Kathy started in December of 2013 volunteering in the Thrift Shop in the toy department and Bob started in 2014 in the Thrift Shop DIY room before switching to the Food Pantry in 2016. Together they have volunteered over 1,000 hours!

Volunteering is important to them, in fact, they drive 45 min just to get to FROM every week! When originally looking for places to volunteer, Kathy did a lot of research and found that FROM was one of the most beneficial.

When asked why he volunteers, Bob says, “I follow her. She’s the boss.”  Kathy adds that they wanted to find someplace that serves the community.

Thank you both so much for your service at FROM, both in the Thrift Shop and in the Food Pantry. We are so glad you chose to volunteer at FROM!

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