Frosty Boy Coming to Lowell this Spring

The unexpected closure of Ball’s Softee Crème threatened to leave a hole in the Lowell food scene. However, Frosty Boy of Cascade announced last week that it will be stepping in to try to fill it.

“Ball’s was one of the locations that we never thought would come up for sale,” says Chad Kremer, who owns Frosty Boy of Cascade along with his wife, Kristen.

When the couple saw it go on the market, they knew it was the perfect opportunity to expand their business and jumped on the chance to purchase the iconic property.

Blending Old and New Favorites

Broaster chicken is a customer favorite at Frosty Boy of Cascade.

Chad Kremer grew up in Lowell so he has a deep sense of nostalgia for Ball’s and understands the big shoes Frosty Boy will have to fill. “It’s an honor to be part of that,” he says.

While the couple hasn’t finalized the menu, they expect to keep some Ball’s favorites such as the orange/lemon twist ice cream flavor. They also plan to maintain the garden and outdoor seating space as well as try to retain some of the former Ball’s staff.

However, they will also be bringing some customer favorites from their Cascade location. Most notably, they will be serving up their famous Broaster chicken as well as Hudsonville ice cream for those who want the option of hand-dipped ice cream along with soft-serve.

Some people have asked about Ball’s chili dogs, and Chad Kremer says their Frosty Boy has a Detroit-style coney dog it plans to serve. Other items might also be added, but the Kremers say quality over quantity is their first priority.

“Our goal is to open well on a small scale and expand from that,” according to Chad Kremer.

Mom-and-Pop Shop, Not a Chain

Although there are Frosty Boy businesses in various locations, Kristen Kremer stresses that it isn’t a chain restaurant coming to Lowell.

“Frosty Boy is not a franchise,” she says. “We’re completely independently owned.” By virtue of using certain equipment, businesses are allowed to use the Frosty Boy name, but they are not connected in any way.

Growing up on the east side of the state, Kristen Kremer’s first job was working at a Frosty Boy ice cream shop that her parents owned for 13 years. She eventually met and married Chad, a 1998 graduate of Lowell High School. The couple live in the Ada area and opened Frosty Boy of Cascade about eight years ago.

They have no plans to close the Cascade location, but they have long thought about expanding to a second spot. Lowell seemed to be the logical choice.

“We go to Lowell all the time,” Chad Kremer says, and Kristen adds: “We love the small-town feel.”

Frosty Boy of Lowell will be a seasonal location open from roughly March to September each year, depending on the weather. For 2024, the Kremers say opening day may be in April, but they need to work out all the details before they can commit to a specific date.

For the latest news about Frosty Boy of Lowell and when it will open, follow them on Facebook or visit their website.

All photos courtesy of Frosty Boy of Cascade/Lowell.

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