Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on May 7

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Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to encourage my fellow Lowell neighbors to vote YES May 7 on the Bond Proposal to fund much-needed improvements and maintenance for Lowell Area Schools.

As a mom of two children currently enrolled at LAS, it is crucially important to my family that our children have a safe, comfortable school environment in which to flourish and succeed academically and socially. The district’s reputation for excellence was a huge determining factor for our move to the area over a decade ago. For that excellence to continue, the passing of this bond proposal is absolutely essential.

I also have the unique perspective of someone who has attended nearly every board of education meeting over the last several years, so I have quite literally had a front row seat to all of the careful and conscientious planning that goes into running a school district. Two things I have learned from my attendance: 1) school district finances are exceptionally complex (not a job I’d like to have!) and 2) the expense of maintaining and improving all of the individual schools and buildings in a district comes with a huge price tag. The district is relying on us, the taxpayers, to invest in our schools, our children and the future of Lowell as a whole. I have every confidence in the ability of our board and administration to make wise, fiscally responsible decisions because I have witnessed firsthand their ability to maintain student success as their top priority.

To me, a yes vote on the May 7 ballot is a no-brainer. There will be no increase in tax rate for Lowell residents, the high caliber academics of Lowell Area Schools is allowed to continue, and the community as a whole flourishes as a result. Please join me in voting YES May 7!

Erin Foltz
City of Lowell

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