Local Girl Scouts Hold Mother/Daughter Ice Cream Social and Awards Ceremony

Ice Cream being served at the social event

On Sunday, May 6, Lowell Girl Scouts gathered at Impact Church for a time of awards, listening to a guest speaker, and partaking in the eating of ice cream sundaes.  The second annual event had approximately 90 scouts in attendance, each with their mom or significant female family member at their side. Lisa Posthumus Lyons spoke to the group, thanking they for their service and encouraging their future success.

Guest Speaker Lisa Posthumus Lyons and Service Unit Director Amanda Rogers

Social Time, a Guest Speaker and Awards
This was the second time an ice cream social and awards ceremony has taken place, but it won’t be the last.  In the past there have been such gatherings, but it had been several years since Lowell area Girl Scouts came together for such an event according to Amanda Rogers, who is the Service Unit Director overseeing all Lowell area Troops.  

Enjoying the evening with friends

After a successful event last year, Rogers decided to add a guest speaker.  Lisa Posthumus Lyons was invited to talk to the girl as local woman in a leadership position.  Lyons was both willing to come and speak and available at the time of the event. Lyons spoke of her role as a leader and the importance of service.  “I have a mind of service to help others.” she said. “Do what is right for the right reasons.”

Awards and recognition were given kids and adults.  Throughout the year, Troops have various accomplishments set out by the Girl Scouts Council.  Rogers’ goal is to exceed that goal. Each Troop was recognized, as leaders read off a list of accomplishments for each group.  Adults who have completed five and 10 years of service were thanked for their help and accomplishments. New, adult volunteers are always welcomed and needed.  Those involved in Girl Scouts can check with their Troop leader for more details on where help is needed.

Each Girl Scout Troop being recognized for their accomplishments

Events Throughout the Year
In addition to regular meetings, Troops go on field trips, have guest speakers, and work on service projects within the community.  During one recent event, focused on leadership and recruitment, older Girl Scouts put on a princess themed event for younger Girl Scouts (K-3rd grade).  The older girls were in charge of the entire process, including tasks like designing games, coming up with crafts, and monitoring stations during the event.   

Sarah Thompson with her daughters Bryleigh and Eliana at the Girl Scouts Ice Cream Social.

Jodi Socall is the current Activities Director and was a leader for eight years.  A Halloween event and being part of the Christmas parade are fun each year for local Troops.  They also enjoy putting on their own cupcake wars. Socall encourages girls of all ages to get involved with Girl Scouts, calling it  “a great opportunity for girls to hang out with people they may not normally hang out with.” While school is coming to an end, and with that regular Troop meetings, the girls have activities planned throughout the summer as well.  New this year is a summer day camp, which will take place June 11-14.

Recent service projects include a hat and mitten drive for the Inner City Christian Foundation (ICCF).  Items collected were donated to this group. Some Troops are currently working on designing garden boxes for ICCF, which offers assistance to the homeless among other things.  And of course who can’t pass up purchasing a box of cookies in late winter and early spring. Selling these boxes helps teach the girls how to deal with customers, provide good customer service, deal with money, and sell a product.  

Many of those currently involved with Girl Scouts say they love it because they get to meet new friends and the activities are fun.  Representatives from various Girl Scout Troops will be available during elementary school’s Meet the Teacher and Smart Start at the Middle School as the new school year begins.  This will give parents an opportunity to ask questions and get information. Students can join Girl Scouts in kindergarten. Kindergarten and first grade students are considered daisies, 2nd and 3rd are brownies, 4th and 5th are juniors, 6th and 7th grade students are cadets, high school students are seniors, and those in college are ambassadors.  

Enjoying Ice Cream at the Mother and Daughter Girl Scouts Ice Cream Social

End of the Year Programming to Grow
With two successful years having an end of the year program to celebrate Girl Scouts, Rogers is looking to continue to expand the event next year.  She is looking to include the entire family and incorporate bridging ceremonies, which mark a scout’s passage from one group or level to another. General information about Girl Scouts can be found online.  For specific questions about Troops in Lowell an email can be sent to Amanda Rogers.  Girls can join at any age.  “There are Troops available for nearly every grade/level in each elementary school.” she says.  

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