Lowell Native Brings Hot Yoga Studio to Community

If you’ve ever been curious about “hot yoga” and if you wanted to know what business is going in at the old YMCA location on Main Street, you can find answers to both those questions plus a lot more at the Akashic Room.

Lowell is getting its first hot yoga studio thanks to the vision of Lowell native Cheylenne Berry and her husband Michael. Opening July 17 and located at 1335 W. Main St., the Akashic Room is a studio dedicated to serving people interested in delving into the practice of yoga.

Class offerings include “vinyasa” and “kundalini,” and for those who aren’t familiar with those terms, the Berrys are eager to introduce them and their benefits to the community.

Michael and Cheylenne Berry

Certified through the Mindful School of Yoga, Cheylenne is passionate about helping people through yoga. Whether it be through one of her classes or a “Reiki energy healing,” she is dedicated to her students’ personal and spiritual growth.

“Yoga has helped me grow,” she says. “Being committed to this practice has been life changing for me.“

The name “Akashic Room” comes from the practice of Akashic record reading, which Cheylenne says she provides to give access to the “energetic library” or a “soul’s history” of her clients. She says its purpose is to share wisdom and history.

”I can tell you things about your soul and about your history and things that maybe you can ask your akashic records,” she explains. “I can channel that through your highest self and give you inner information, profound information that can literally be life changing and altering.”

As far as the heated temperature aspect of “hot yoga,” the purpose of keeping the studio at a higher temperature helps students get more intensified, desired results.

“With the room being heated, you are able to release toxins, sweat easier, perform deeper stretches, and your body listens more efficiently,” Michael says.

The studio temperature will be set based on the class type. Each yoga teacher will be able to choose the heat for their class based on the needs and desires of the students. A more difficult class such as kundalini can be intense so a heat setting of 80 degrees is likely. Meanwhile, the kids’ yoga class will not be heated.

Students of all levels are welcome in any class at the studio and can perform yoga poses based on their skill level. Move modifications and variations will be offered.

“Our philosophy is that we’d like to be inclusive at pretty much any level,” Michael says. “So whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or it’s your first time, any class will be suitable.”

“We’re not a fit body boot camp style,” he adds. “Yes, there are physical benefits if you’re practicing yoga regularly. However, the things we like to see people achieve — and we’re confident they will — is improving their mental and spiritual lives.”

Cheylenne agrees that the yoga classes will benefit any experience level. Instruction will not be difficult or push students toward physical achievements.

“It’s definitely intuitively lead. We’re just here to kind of hold the lantern for you,” she says. “When you come to one of our classes, it’s what nourishes your body, what you feel inside is best for you.”

“Yoga is for every single body,” according to Cheylenne. “It’s intended for every single human being to be able to achieve and accomplish at their own level.”

In the future, in addition to their studio offerings, the Berrys hope to have a “metaphysical store” with books and supplies inside. They’d also like to add a Himalayan salt cave that would act much like a sauna to improve students’ respiratory systems and relaxation.

The idea to open a hot yoga studio came about from Cheylenne regularly hosting yoga and meditation sessions and workshops with her friends. Michael encouraged her to open a studio and share her passion with more people.

Cheylenne credits her husband with being the driving force in making the studio happen. She said in addition to working as a nurse, he did a large portion of the construction at the studio as well as managing the finances.

“I’m the dreamer, but he is the person who’s made this come to life. So we make a good team,” she says. “It’s what I find so much joy and happiness in doing, and it comes authentically and naturally to me.”

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