Press Release: FROM Announces Matching Sponsors Pledge for Food Fight

We received the following from Flat River Outreach Ministries.



Have you heard? This is a big year for Flat River Outreach Ministries (FROM). Not only is Food Fight turning ten years old, but FROM is celebrating its 20th anniversary!  The agency is celebrating in a BIG way with a $20,000 match!

That means that any new and increase donations to FROM’s community-wide Food Fight fundraiser will be matched! While Food Fight started as a way to help fill the pantry shelves, it has become so much more and is now the biggest fundraising event for the non-profit.

“We are so excited about the $20,000 match this year and our Matching Sponsors are a key part in the success of this fundraiser,” says Dawn Broene, Executive Director. We have a big goal to raise $120,000 in food and finances this year, but we can’t do it without the support of our amazing community.”

All the dollars raised by FROM stay in the community as the Christian non-profit agency offers over a dozen programs for those living in the Lowell Area School District. FROM offers programs like employment services, food pantry, and kid’s lunch as well as money management classes and assistance paying utility bills. The Connections Office can even connect people with programs offered outside of FROM.

How does the Food Fight work? Each dollar raised and food item donated is translated into points on the scoreboard. Each person who donates designates which team (North or South) gets their points. North is in the lead with five wins to South’s four so this is the year to help your team increase their lead or catch up!

In honor of FROM’s 20th anniversary year, generous matching sponsors All Weather Seal, Betten Baker, Enwork, Litehouse, King Milling, Alto Lions Club, River Valley Credit Union and Magna have pledged  $20,000 to match any increase or new donation given to Food Fight. “We are so blessed to live in such a generous community,” says Broene. “Our matching sponsors help inspire new donors to take action and regular donors to increase their support knowing that the dollars will be doubled to help their neighbors.”

This year Lowell residents have a number of ways they can get involved in helping empower their neighbors through Food Fight. They can donate money to FROM’s Food Fight online, in person, by mail (FROM, 11535 Fulton Street East) or online at They can also donate food at a number of locations around town that have the FROM Food Fight Barrels. At certain locations, individuals can even purchase red or white squares for $1 to show support for the North or South team with the “Show you Care, Buy a Square” Campaign. Squares will be prominently displayed within the business and as of now can be purchased at FROM’s own Treasures Thrift Shop and Springrove Variety.

 Students at Lowell Area Schools will again be participating in Food Fight, arranged and coordinated by the High School’s Interact group. Amway has pledged a matching sponsorship of $10,000 if the schools meet their $10,000 goal (in food and financial gifts) “The Interact group has really been running the school Food Fight this year,” says Broene. “They are very excited and have come up with some creative ways that the classes can compete with each other all in the name of helping neighbors in need.  It’s exciting to see the kids come together to support their classmates and neighbors who may have a need for FROM services.”

The 10th Annual Food Fight Fundraiser will take place April 16 through June 1st when the points will be tallied and the winner will be announced. So, commit to helping your team get some points on the scoreboard and let’s get ready to Food Fight!

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