Press Release: LPD Members Become Field Training Officers

We received the following press release from the Lowell Police Department.


The Lowell Police Department is happy to announce the graduation of Officer Mike Stephens and Officer Ian Shears from the DeWolfe and Associates Field Training and Evaluation Program. This was a 40-hour program designed to train Officer Stephens and Shears to be Lowell PD’s newest field training officers (FTO).

The FTO is a critical position in the department. The role of the FTO is to mentor, teach, train, evaluate, and supervise new officers to the department, it’s policies/procedures, and the community. The success of the new officer and their future with the department is, in part, dependent on the FTO.

We congratulate and thank Officer Mike Stephens and Officer Ian Shears for stepping up to take on the role of Field Training Officer.

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