Reagan Family Dentistry Welcomes New Associate Dentist

There’s a new dentist in town, and he has traveled a long way to reach Lowell. Originally from South Korea, Dr. Min Han is currently available to see patients at Reagan Family Dentistry on Wednesdays and hopes to expand his hours to additional days in the future.

“I was really impressed with Dr. Jim Reagan,” Han says as one reason why he decided to practice at Reagan Family Dentistry. “He’s adopting new technology and new procedures.”

Dr. Reagan has long been the sole dentist at the practice and has no plans to retire. However, the addition of Han as an associate dentist means Reagan Family Dentistry will be able to accommodate more patients for both routine and emergency dental work.

From Seoul to Lowell

Raised in Seoul, South Korea, Han dabbled in other career options before settling on dentistry. He studied engineering for two years in Korea and spent some time in the Korean Air Force.

Then, at age 26, Han traveled to Hawaii to study biochemistry. He followed that by earning a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Oregon. Throughout his studies, he remained intrigued by the idea of becoming a dentist.

“I had bad teeth when I was in middle school,” he explains. That meant he had plenty of experience with dentistry from a patient perspective, but he wasn’t so sure how to go about pursing a career in the field.

A friend later encouraged him to apply for dental school at the University of Michigan. He graduated in 2015 and found work in the City of Wyoming. He and his wife briefly considered a move to Texas, but after a visit during December when temperatures exceeded 80 degrees, they decided they would be Michigan residents for life.

Dedicated to Continual Learning

Being a dentist is something that plays to Han’s strengths. “One thing I really like is that I can use my hands and eyes,” he says. “I’m really confident in my hand-eye coordination.”

As a general practice dentist, Han describes his work as “bread and butter dentistry.” He does a little bit of everything, and as new tools and technology emerge, there is always more to explore. “There are tons of things I want to learn,” Han says.

Nowhere is that more evident than on Han’s curriculum vitae which lists three pages of more than 60 continuing dental education and training activities. These range from being trained as a provider of SureSmile aligners to completing an online course on managing sedation complications.

In addition to learning about the latest dental practices, Han is currently discovering more about Lowell which he calls a “small, charming town.” He lives in Ada with his wife and three school-age children but looks forward to becoming more involved in the community here. Already, Reagan has introduced him to the Rotary Club, and he has stopped by to visit the YMCA and other local businesses.

Han says one of the reasons he loves dentistry is that the work is never boring. There are always new things to learn and new people to meet. If you’d like to be one of those new people, you can book an appointment by calling Reagan Family Dentistry at 616-897-7179 today.

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