Ryan Hesche Takes Over Role of Manager from Josh McCracken at Greenridge Realty

In April of this year, Ryan Hesche took over as Manager at the Lowell office from Josh McCracken, who will remain with the office as a Realtor. Hesche takes the lead role in Lowell and adds the location to the office in Saranac where he has been Manager for the past year.

Overseeing Two Offices

McCraken decided to step back from the manager role to focus on family. “I didn’t want to sacrifice my kids,” he says of the decision. “I want to be able to fully enjoy them.” He will continue to sell homes for Greenridge through the Lowell office. 

Hesche is married to Wendy who works as a Regional Human Resource Advisor for Speedway. The two have three sons named Dyson, William, and Isaacaged 14, 12, and 11, and live in Ionia. 

Since he was a kid, Hesche has known Rick Seese, former manager of the Lowell office. “I remember saying, ‘Mr. Seese, I’m going to be a real estate agent,’” he recalls. And after working at Lowe’s and being a stay-at-home dad for a year he has been a real estate agent for 10 years. 

Hesche lists building relationships with customers and the community, being willing to put in the hours and having flexibility in his work schedule as some of the reasons he likes real estate. He says he’s ready for the responsibility that comes with managing a bigger office. He’ll support team members in both offices, be a mentor for newer agents, and in the event any legal or ethical issues arise serve as the contact person in Lowell and Saranac.

Hesche has been the manager at the Greenridge Realty office in Saranac that opened just over a year ago. Between the two offices, he will oversee nearly 20 people. 

Hesche is active in the Saranac Community Association, which is that community’s version of a chamber of commerce. He has overseen numerous events in Saranac and looks to bring that get-it-done attitude to Lowell.

For more information visit the Greenridge Realty Lowell office or Saranace office website.

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