Scenes from Lowell: Scouts to the Rescue Edition

If something needs to be done, you can usually count on a scout for help. That was the case with Cadette Girl Scout Troop 4296 which heard about a problem Flat River Outreach Ministries was having.

“Our troop had heard that FROM volunteers have unsuccessfully tried to rectify the dirt problem at the entrance of Treasures [Thrift Shop] for years, and that they were seeking volunteers to create a viable solution,” explains troop leader Heather Hoffman. “My troop discussed and decided to take on this project and wanted to help the organization.”

Joel Eckman of Eckman Landscape Construction heard about the project and generously donated supplies as well as his time. On May 11, he met Troop 4296 at FROM to guide them through the process of building a retaining wall at the entrance of the Treasures Boutique.

The project involved a lot of heavy lifting as the girls first removed paving stones that had previously been used as a retaining wall.

The old stone retaining wall was then replaced with a wooden wall that will keep dirt from seeping onto the concrete walk.

The girls then filled in the space with new dirt so it would be ready for spring planting.


With Eckman’s help and a little elbow grease, the girls from Troop 4296 came up with a sustainable solution to a problem and built an attractive addition to the front of the Treasures store. What’s more, they earned both their Take Action Award and Woodworking Badge while completing the project.

Great job girls and a special thanks to Joel Eckman!


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