Scenes from Lowell: Yeiter Learning Center Ribbon Cutting

In a previous article we wrote about Curiosity Corner Preschool moving to the new Yeiter Learning Center.  This past Thursday the official ribbon cutting took place.  Yesterday, preschool students and families were able to tour the new building.  And Monday morning students will start attending classes in the building.

Prior to the ribbon cutting both Lowell Area Schools Superintendent Greg Pratt an Betty Yeiter spoke.  Pratt thanked the many people who were involved in the process of making the purchase, renovation, move, and opening of the building.  Included was the School Board which he indicated has done a good job of making sure the needs of a growing community are met.  He added, “None of this gets done without a community focused on learning.”  Additionally, he thanked Curiosity Corner Director Kathy Burch for doing an “outstanding job”.

Betty Yeiter, who along with her late husband, have been proud supporters of the school system shared some thoughts about her childhood remembering, “We also played school.  Guess who was the teacher?  I never wanted to be anything but a teacher.”  She continued on saying, “And they say if you like what you’re doing you never have to work.  And I never have worked in my life.  Words can’t tell you how overcome I am by naming this building the Yeiter Learning Center.  Many, many. many thank yous.”

Curiosity Corner teachers took a photo with Yeiter as well.

Classrooms are set up and ready to welcome students to their new rooms.

Photo courtesy of Kim Wiley.
Photo courtesy of Kim Wiley.

A gym area will give classes a place to play and be active.

A sign for the outside of the building along Amity is in the process of being approved by the state.  All of those involved with Curiosity Corner Preschool are eager to start holding classes in their new building.


  1. There are no words to express how THRILLED I am regarding this tangible evidence, reflecting the importance of Early Childhood education! Hats off to the impact this clarity of focus will have on countless lives! Bam!

  2. Great that this building is ready to welcome Lowell’s young learners. Please remember it wasn’t just those mentioned in this article that got it ready to open.
    What about the unmentioned custodians, grounds and maintenance employees that put alot of time and sweat cleaning, polishing, moving furniture, getting the heat working and much much more. Please remember it takes a village.

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