Top 5 Stories on Lowell’s First Look for January 2019

Each month, we like to look back and see which articles resonated most with Lowell’s First Look readers. It gives us a chance to evaluate which stories were favorites and helps us plan our coverage for the future. If people were interested in a particular topic, it’s probably worth revisiting in the future.

Rather than keep this information to ourselves, we thought you might find it interesting to see how the top stories of the month stack up against your personal favorites. It’s also a good chance to catch up on any articles you may have missed during the month.

However, before we get to those, we wanted to update you on a few new site features. In recent months, we’ve added the following:

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You can find links to these in the sidebar if you’re viewing the website on your laptop or desktop computer. They’re at the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone or mobile device.

Now, onto the top articles for January 2019. These are the five articles that got the most views on the Lowell’s First Look website.

5. City Council Recap: Full-Time Firefighters, Manager Compensation and More

We cover every Lowell City Council meeting, and the January 23rd meeting seemed to be of particular interest to residents. At this session, the Lowell Area Fire Department presented its case for hiring full-time firefighters, the council approved changes to the city manager’s compensation and the removal of land from Riverside Park was discussed.

4. Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Annual Award Recipients

Each year, the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce names a Person of the Year and recognizes local businesses and non-profits that support the community. Area residents were plenty interested to see who was named the Person of the Year (It’s Carol Briggs!) and see who else was being recognized. We have to admit we were super excited to see Lowell’s First Look listed among the 2019 recipients.

3. Lowell Townhome Development Slated to Open this Summer

A rendering of The Townhomes at Two Rivers

There is a new development under construction near Meijer in Lowell Charter Township. It will bring luxury townhouses to the area, and people had very strong feelings about the project. That helped propel this article to become the third most-read story on Lowell’s First Look during January 2019.

2. The Gift of Organ Donation

Stephanie Peel and Al Hovinga have a special bond.

While the national news seems to be dominated by negativity, there is no shortage of feel-good stories here in Lowell. One of them is the story of Al Hovinga who was in need of a healthy kidney and Stephanie Peel, a woman who had no qualms about donating one of hers to a stranger. The generosity of this donation leaves us speechless. When you want to despair about the state of humanity, remember this story and how good people can be.

1. The Future of Aviation Could Launch from Lowell

Taylor in his office with a model component of his aircraft.

Another positive story from last month centered on Alex Taylor. The Lowell High School senior has big plans that could change how our children and grandchildren travel in the future. His vision for aviation is both inspiring and intriguing, and this story was our top article for January 2019.

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