Fundraising for New Playground Equipment Nearing Deadline

The effort to raise money for replacement playground equipment for Stoney Lakeside Park is still underway.  Fundraising started in October.  Now a month later with two weeks left the finish line is in sight.

Stoney Lake PatchTime for a Change

The current playground equipment dates back to the mid-80s and was originally installed at Creekside Park.  Numerous coats of paint and even some duct tape repair work, suggests the structure has reached if not exceeded its life expectancy.  Bob and Amanda Rogers have taken the coordination role in raising funds to replace the aged equipment.

Bob will write a grant to be submitted to the Lowell Area Community Fund which is due in December.    No more than 75% of the cost of the replacement structure will be requested via this grant.  The Rogers have been working on bringing awareness to businesses and residents in the community in an effort to raise $14,265 through private funding.  This target dollar amount was determined based on the price of the equipment which received the most votes in a poll on the Replacing Stoney Lakeside Park Playground Facebook page.

The amount of money raised through the Rogers’ efforts will be added to the funds received from the Lowell Area Community Fund to determine a budget for the new playground.  Impact Church will install the equipment as part of their Love Week next summer and the structure will be maintained by the city of Lowell.

Stoney Lake graphicFunds To Date

As of today, November 14, a total of 29 donors have raised a total of $10,250, close to 75% of the goal.  These supporters of the project are comprised of 4 businesses, 3 organizations, and 22 individuals or families.  Lowell’s DPW Director Rich LaBombard is in support of the new equipment and the Parks and Rec Commission has made a $1,500 contribution.  The final date to donate to the effort is approaching.

All donations should be received by December 1 to allow time for writing the grant before the deadline.  An additional $4,015 is needed in order to secure enough funding for the selected structure, which comes at a cost of $57,000.

Those interested in donating money can visit the GoFundMe page set up for easy contributions.  Checks made out to the City of Lowell may also be dropped off at City Hall but must include a note of intention mentioning the Stoney Lakeside playground equipment replacement.  The $4,015 needed is not out of reach.  To see updates on fundraising totals and how the project is progressing “like” Replacing Stoney Lakeside Park Playground on Facebook.

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