Furry Friday

The following animals are available for adoption.  If you find an animal you’d like to adopt please contact the organization directly.  Lowell’s First Look does not assist with the adoption process.  And if you’re looking to add to your family and don’t see an animal below, each organization has additional cats, dogs, or farm animals looking for new homes.   Pet profiles and photos are provided by each organization.

For additional information about each organization visit their websites or read our intro article to Furry Friday!

Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary

Those involved with Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary take pride in finding the right home for dogs in their care. Here are their pets of the week.

Finnick was out running the streets before he came to MAS. His D.O.B. is 4/27/15. He is a dog on a mission. He would be great with agility, or some other job to do. If you are active and want to have a dog that would be great with fun things, like agility, then he is the dog for you. He also loves to swim and play frisbee. He really enjoys the pond at MAS. He is working on his manners, and commands. He is also learning how to walk without pulling. He did not do well on his cat introduction, so would be best in a home without a kitty cat but he loves being around other dogs.

Maveric needs a highly active family. Loves to run. His D.O.B. is 11/22/15. He originally came in as a stray. He needs older children in the home due to this young exuberant guys energy. He would love a large yard, and an active home to play, hike, run, and enjoy life with. He loves treats, tennis balls, and tug toys. He is working on his commands, and lead training.   He also doesn’t mind being around other dogs.  Once he’s tired out he’d love to cuddle up next to you in bed and relax.

Carol’s Ferals

Carol’s Ferals specializes in trap, neuter, return (TNR), but they come across “friendlies” who are available for adoption. Here are their pets of the week.

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens!!!  So many to choose from!!  Come meet them, play with them, and cuddle them.

My name is Skywalker – no not Luke, he’s fictional.  When I came to CF as a kitten from Lebanon (the country), I stayed on the top shelves like I was walking through the sky.  I am a little shy, affectionate (love being petted), but not cuddly.  Come meet me and get me to purr.

Yes, my name is really Minestrone, and I am named after soup.  I’ve grown accustomed to it, so no biggie.  I love to be petted, chase the red dot, and lay around.  Kind of my own cat, like things on my terms.  Santa’s not sure which list I should go on – naughty or nice.

Blade’s the name.  I follow people around trying to get attention, but my weight problem seems to turn people off.  I’m a real lover, and if you are strong enough, I can be held.  They say I’ll need to go on a diet, not looking forward to that.  However, I would gladly substitute love for food (not ALL food) in the right home.

Vicky’s Pet Connection

Vicky’s Pet Connection works with the Kent County Animal Shelter to rescue cats and kittens.  They also take in dogs older in age and those needing special care. Here are their pets of the week.

This beauty is named Olivia and she came to us with a litter of kitten in tow! She did a terrific job of raising them but now its her turn to be spoiled! Do you have room in your life for this sweet, little momma? She’s just 2-3 years old and really just a kitten at heart! Just look in those eyes and TRY to refuse this beauty!

Meet Truffles!  How about a pretty, little calico? This 13 week old cutie is a fun and well-socialized gal who likes to be in on the fun! She’s got a gorgeous coat and a purr that will melt you heart! Meet her soon and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of love!

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