Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for February 2021

A single property in town continued to generate a significant number of police complaints during February 2021. Otherwise, there was nothing out of the ordinary last month for the Lowell Police Department. There were a handful of larcenies, mostly involving Dollar General and Rite Aid, as well as the usual calls to assist citizens in various matters. However, there were no drunk driving or drug law violations recorded during the month.

Here’s a snapshot of department cases for February 2021:

  • 48 calls for assistance to citizens
  • 16 calls for assistance to other agencies
  • 15 total arrests
  • 8 traffic accidents
  • 5 verbal assaults
  • 5 larcenies
  • 2 assaults
  • 2 disorderly conduct
  • 2 dog/animal complaint
  • 2 ordinance violations
  • 1 malicious destruction of property

Plus, in February, the department made 53 traffic stops and issued 28 citations as a result.

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Arrests Continue at Problem Property

Police activity in January centered on a home where the owners had passed away and others had moved in unbeknownst to at least one member of the family. The police were hopeful the mortgage company would be able to help secure the property which has been the site of multiple arrests. Unfortunately, that has not happened yet, and officers with the Lowell Police Department continued to receive regular calls regarding issues at the property in February.

During a 10-day period at the end of the month, the police made six arrests related to the property. Those arrests were linked to issues such as felony warrants, driving on a suspended license and violating a personal protection order. Officers also recovered parts from at least two stolen motorcycles.
Since a family member of the deceased owners says the people at the property are there legally, the police have no authority to remove them. However, officers have been watching the property closely and continue to reach out to the mortgage company to see if any additional action can be taken to address the ongoing issues at the house.

Stolen Food at Hong Kong Buffet

Anyone who has ordered from Hong Kong Buffet during the pandemic probably knows the routine. If you pay over the phone, you’ll find your food waiting inside the front entrance. All you need to do is sign the credit card receipt and take your meal to go.

However, the restaurant noticed on two occasions that someone took food that didn’t belong to them. The Lowell Police Department posted an image of a suspect on their Facebook page, and the woman seen in the security footage called the department to identity herself. At the time of Lowell’s First Look’s meeting with the police department, it wasn’t known whether the person in the image had purposely taken food that wasn’t hers or if it was all a misunderstanding.

Lowell Police Department News

In other news from the Lowell Police Department, Officer Will Smith has rejoined the force as a part-time officer. He has previously been a part of the Lowell force and has also worked full-time with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department.

Thanks to a county grant program, the Lowell Police Department is expected to receive specialized radios that will allow them to communicate with departments anywhere in the state in the event of an emergency. “They work like a cell phone, but they are a two-way radio,” Police Chief Chris Hurst explains.

The radios have a value of $6,000 each, but Lowell taxpayers won’t have to pay a penny for them. The county grant program is buying the devices, which will at first be provided on loan and then later gifted to local police departments.

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