Letter to the Editor: Calling All Members of the Class of ’63

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This goes out to all who would have graduated with the Class of ’63:

Many of us are in our 78th year and our class has dwindled a bit; losing members since the early 60s; to war, disease, age, and the machinations of Life.

Let’s make plans to meet again, as we did 10 years ago to reminisce, offer hugs and good tidings, and to honor those who are unable to join us.

This is for those who started the 60s with us but may not have been on stage or on the list of graduates announced that June 6th evening over 60 years ago.

We have watched as our high school was bulldozed and now I understand the next year’s class is witnessing something similar.

But, this letter goes out to those from the Class of 63′; the last class to graduate from the east side of the river. The last class to have just over 70 graduates. This must be a gathering of only this class’s members and their loved ones, so we can share what we alone have in common. I am up in the U.P. but will do all I can from here to make this happen. Our last gathering was wonderful; meeting under the old “bleachers” in the Chamber of Commerce dining room. Much has changed. But, we need to start planning now.

Let’s start the conversation and planning so we can meet next summer to honor our class and everyone who was and still is so very important to us. You can reach me at 906-346-2259 or [email protected]

Tim VanderVeen

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