LowellArts Plans Virtual Fallasburg Arts Festival

We received the following press release from LowellArts,


July 14, 2020, Lowell, Michigan | Today the LowellArts Board of Directors announced that this year’s Fallasburg Arts Festival will go on, but not in the usual live format that festival lovers have grown accustomed to. In reaction to Covid-19 concerns, plans are currently underway to create a virtual version of the festival with as much of the fun and flavor of past festivals as can be imagined. “We are a creative community,” said LowellArts’ Board President, Gary Eldridge. “If we can imagine it, I believe we have the talent and means to make it happen.”

The Festival began in 1968 and LowellArts has been presenting the Fallasburg Arts Festival in historic Fallasburg Park since 1978. In that time the festival has always gone on, surviving downpours, dry spells, and even the competition of ArtPrize. “We won’t let a virus stop that tradition!” said Eldridge. The 2-day, outdoor event typically features over 100 unique fine art and fine craft booths, food booths, children’s craft area, craft demonstrations, and music performed on an outdoor stage. Annual attendance estimates are 25,000.

The Festival is also a major annual fundraiser for LowellArts as well as for many other community non-profits who raise funds through food sales and donations from parking and the children’s area. Over 150 volunteers work for months in advance planning and organizing the Festival. In addition, the 100+ fine artisans that participate in the Festival depend on art sales as part of their regular income, and view this Festival as their last big event before folding their tents for the winter.

LowellArts’ virtual festival will share the same September 19 & 20 dates as was originally planned, with hopes of including a virtual Saturday morning opening at 10:00am. Additional plans will be shared when they are finalized.

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