Scenes from Lowell: Cherry Creek Students Visit Fountain View Edition

In January, students at Cherry Creek Elementary School participated in a peace walk to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.  They continued to see how they could shine their light by collecting money for Fountain View, which is an assisted living facility in Lowell.  Students and teachers persevered through multiple days off from school and were able to raise funds to purchase care packages for 40 residents in addition to donating more than $200 to go toward the facility’s programming for residents.

Two students from each classroom, 40 in total, visited residents at Fountain View yesterday along with second grade teacher Jill Kirkpatrick, fourth grade teacher Lisa Camfferman, and principal Shelli Otten.  They delivered care packages which included socks and Cindy’s Suds Germ Guard as well as notes written for the senior they were paired with.  During their visit, students spent time chatting with their elder partner asking questions and coloring spring or St. Patrick’s Day themed pictures.  Many students hung finished products on residents’ doors.

It was clear that both students and seniors were enjoying their time together.  Students formed new friendships, learning about who they were paired with and their partner enjoyed interacting with students.  Below are some photos of their time together.



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