5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for February 2024

February 2024 may have been the first month in which we’ve seen two older articles crack the top five. One is an article that has been popular since its initial publication. The other is an old news story that might have gotten new life because of events elsewhere in the state.

You might notice one omission on the list: our article about the high school musical, Beauty and the Beast, did not make the top five. Don’t assume that means a lack of interest in the musical.

Prior to publishing our preview article, we placed the musical on our Event Calendar. It would appear that search engines are sending people to the event pages before the article, and if you add up all the hits on those pages plus the article itself, the musical would land in the number two spot this month.

However, based on individual article views, these were the most-read articles for February 2024.

5. Los Portales Now Open in Downtown Lowell

This article was the top article in December 2023, was hovering on the outskirts of the top five in January 2024 and is back in the top five for February 2024. Los Portales is a Mexican restaurant on Main Street that seems to have seen a steady stream of customers since it opened. We stopped by for dinner and were impressed with the quality and quantity of food offered.

4. The ABCs of Lowell History: C is for Cemetery

This is the second month in the row that the ABCs of Lowell History has taken the No. 4 spot. In January, it was an article about the Lowell wrestling team. This month, it was an entry about the Roth Coons Cemetery…or is it the Rolfe Cemetery? The Lowell Area Historical Museum shed some light on which name was correct, and it was a bit of history that intrigued some readers.

3. Springrove Variety Prepares to Close after 25 Years

Mike Sprenger, owner of Springrove Variety

The Springrove Variety in Lowell has been closed for nearly four years. So why did this article make the top five last month? We are sure it has something to do with the Springrove Variety stores in Marysville and Owosso closing. Those stores were once owned by Mike Sprenger, who also ran the Lowell five-and-dime, and both locations have announced they will cease operations this month.

2. Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for January 2024

Lowell Police Department Hybrid vehicle

The Police Beat was the second most-read article for the month. Among January’s cases was an attempt by a scammer to essentially steal a vehicle from a local dealership. Fortunately, a smart salesperson realized something was amiss and contacted the police instead.

1. Industrial Park Near I-96 One Step Closer to Reality

The top article in February is sure to make the top ten list for the year – thousands read this story about an industrial park that is taking shape on property near the I-96 interchange in Lowell Charter Township. The state is providing $17.5 million to run wastewater lines to the property, but both residents and some township officials have questions about the cost and scope of the project. Local leaders say more information will be forthcoming.

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