A New Chapter for the Hale House

Nestled amid the streets of Lowell stands a stately home of a bygone era — the Hale House. With its rich history and timeless charm, this distinctive home has captured the imagination of locals for generations. Late last year, the Hale House was purchased by none other than local business owner Greg Canfield, sparking curiosity and speculation about its future.

Constructed in the late 1800s for the Snell family, the residence would later become synonymous with the Hale family, its most enduring occupants. Acquired by the Hales in 1938, they resided there for more than fifty years.

Over time, this dwelling has witnessed a wealth of history within its walls. Originating as a humble family home, it evolved into a vital community asset, serving as a senior center and offering solace to those affected by cancer through Gilda’s Club. Despite changing ownership only a handful of times, each transition has contributed to its rich narrative.

So just what does the future hold for the Hale House under its new owner? Many have patiently awaited the unveiling of Canfield’s plans for the historic home. Much to the surprise of many, his intentions for the Hale House are refreshingly simple.

When questioned about his plans, Canfield quips, “Not much.” Like many Lowell residents, he has always been drawn to the house’s unique charm and character. “It’s a neat old house on three acres with a creek in the back,” he explains. “It even had an apartment in the garage at one time.”

While speculation has run rampant about potential uses for the Hale House, such as a bed-and-breakfast or wedding venue, Canfield quickly puts those rumors to rest. Instead, he has decided to convert the home into a two-family residence and utilize it as rental property.

The main floor has already been rented, but there are still renovations to be done on the second floor. Canfield anticipates completing the work within the next month or so, making it ready for occupants very soon.

In a town steeped in history, the Hale House stands as a reminder of Lowell’s past while embracing the future with open arms. And with a new owner, this historic gem is poised to continue making memories for generations to come.


  1. I literally grew up in this wonderful place. My grandparents George and Dorothy Hale were the second family to live here. My mom, her sister Phyllis Sue and her brother Alan all graduated from Lowell High School. We ate every meal in the wonderful dining room, while later Gramps and me having our evening snack at the kitchen table drinking hot cocoa and home made sugar cookies or crackers and cheese. He would tell me the most wonderful stories. From being a cook on a ship during WW1 to a traveling salesmen to ending up as Lowell Postmaster. What an exciting life he led. That house holds such a special memory for me. If I had had the money I would be living there now. My best friend in the world Marilyn McClure would send me pictures and clippings and every little bit of news about my house. I’m 76 years old and still dream of it. I can tell you which stairs had creeks in them and how to step over them if I was coming in late. My two sisters and I stayed all summer long with Gram and Gramps. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that majestic old house on Hudson means to me. And Christmas was also a happy time. A fire in the old fireplace was enchanting. All the giant old trees are gone now, and the front porch is filled in (while Grandpa was working at the Post Office) Gram and us kids ate our lunch out on the grand front porch. Oh I love, love, love that house. So many memories…………

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