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We’ve enjoyed all of the positive feedback and support received since our launch in mid-November!  With over 500 “likes” on Facebook and our articles reaching over 1,000 people we’re know our success could not happen without being part of a great community.  Each article touches new viewers through shares and our fans increase.  

We look forward to continuing to make a difference in Lowell bringing positive stories covering events, businesses, and individuals as well as information about area issues making the community a better place to live and experience.  We’ve loved being out in the community getting to know those who make Lowell the best it can be.  

Currently we’re looking for any businesses and organizations interested in placing an advertisement on our site.  We often “tag” businesses and organizations on Facebook articles which involve them are published.  We’re eager to help local establishments grow.  An ad with Lowell’s First Look will remain on our website for a week, viewed on our homepage as well as each article we publish.  Clicking your link will take viewers to a link of your choosing, such as your webpage.  Ads are $150, $75, or $50 per month depending on the size and location.  Through the end of March 2017 all ads will be a 20% discount making them $120, $60, and $40.

Announcements are another option for our readers.  Sharing a birth, engagement, wedding, or death will be posted in our announcements section where they can be viewed newest to oldest.  They will remain there, able to be found through a search rather than being published and removed from our site after a week.  With up to three photos accepted to publish announcements cost $5.  Through the end of March 2017 all announcements will be published free of charge.

Finally, we will be offering businesses the opportunity to list weekly sales and specials on our website and Facebook page via a “sticky” post.  The charge for this service is $6/week or $20/month.  Through the end of March 2017 sales and specials posted will be free of charge.  

All advertisements and sales/specials will be posted Monday morning.  Items should be sent to us by 5pm on Friday before your information will be published.  Announcements may be sent at any time and will be published within 48 business hours of receipt.   Feel free to contact us via the contact form on our webpage or send an email to [email protected].  We look forward to working with you!

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