Fun with FROM: Bob Rogers

In a new series, Flat River Outreach Ministries will be introducing the community to some of the people involved with the organization. We will be sharing information posted on their Facebook page.

Meet one of our board members – Bob Rogers! We asked him 4 Questions and are sharing the answers here!
How are you involved in here at FROM?
I’m on the FROM Board and Chair of the Facilities Committee. I’ve recently fulfilled positions on the Executive Committee, Finance Committee and Board Treasurer. I don’t volunteer at FROM as much as I’d like to, but I try to spend a day or so there at least once a month.
How did you get involved at FROM?
Being on the FROM board has been one of my community service goals for several years and when I was given the opportunity in 2017, I gobbled it up and have been enjoying it since!
Why is the work of FROM so important to you?
For those in our community… you either know FROM really well or you’ve never heard of it. For those that have never heard of it: it is the organization that helps hundreds in so many ways like meals for students when they’re not in school, tax preparation, home weatherization, housing, job searching, food pantry, and so many more. And for those that know FROM well, thank you for participating, volunteering or donating! You are vital to this organization!
What do you love about the Greater Lowell Community?
Although it has grown, it still has the “small town feel”. I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone I know and wanting to chat with them for a little bit. Also when someone needs some work done on their home or auto, there are referrals that come from experience or just knowing the person or family.
Outside of Bob’s work at FROM, you’ll see him leading Love Week with Impact Church, helping his wife Amanda with her real estate business Amanda Rogers – Realtor – Rogers Neighborhood Realty, Amanda’s two girl scout troops (with their two daughters), helping lead a committee to build a Community Center, working a volunteer with Kids Hope USA, and he also helped start Construct Lowell Area Youth – CLAY.
We’re always looking for volunteers in all aspects of our organization. Consider taking part in an upcoming volunteer orientation so you can help volunteer with one of the programs Bob shared with us! Or consider donating food to our food programs to help keep our pantry fully stocked and serving our community!

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