Lowell Ministry Alliance Plans Events to Bring Community Together

Lowell is home to people of various faith traditions, but one group is hoping to unite those who take a Christian worldview. The Lowell Ministry Alliance is a group of more than a dozen local churches and ministries that are working together to support one another and plan faith-based events.

“The goal of this is to unify together in how we can serve our community well,” explains Christa Wetzel, executive director of the Alpha Family Center and co-secretary of the Lowell Ministry Alliance. Members include churches such as the Lowell Methodist Church and First Baptist Church as well as non-profits like the Alpha Family Center and Flat River Outreach Ministries.

Members Share a Common Goal

The current Lowell Ministry Alliance was formed approximately two years ago. Years prior to that, a similar group had been in existence but eventually died out. However, faith-based leaders decided it was time to revive the group in order to avoid duplicating services and to bring together the greater Lowell Christian community.

“We have worked very well together,” Wetzel says. Despite denominational differences, each member has agreed upon a core doctrine that represents shared Christian beliefs.

Pastors and ministry leaders meet once a month, and recent meetings have featured presentations from civic leaders regarding their perspective about and role within the Lowell community. Alliance members also share information about resources and programs offered at various churches and groups. Rather than trying to duplicate services, “we’re going to refer our people those who are already doing [a program] well,” Wetzel says.

Overall, Wetzel says the Lowell Ministry Alliance has provided a valuable forum for pastors and leaders to work together for the betterment of the community. “It has been an awesome group of people who have a common bond,” she notes.

Upcoming Events for the Lowell Ministry Alliance

The Lowell Ministry Alliance has several events planned in the coming months for those interested in joining with other community members for worship. The first of those is a Good Friday Cross Walk scheduled for tomorrow, March 30, at 12pm.

The annual Cross Walk starts at the Lowell Methodist Church on E. Main St. and takes a path through the downtown to Oakwood Cemetery. At various locations along the route, participants stop to hear scripture and pray.

Other upcoming Lowell Ministry Alliance events include the following:

  • May 3 – National Day of Pray with a pray service at 12pm on the Riverwalk Plaza
  • May 20 – Baccalaureate at 4 pm in the Freshman Commons
  • July 14 – Community Worship Service from 7:00-8:15am on the Riverwalk Plaza

Wetzel adds that any community member who represents a ministry that could benefit from the support of the alliance is welcome to attend a meeting and present their activities. Visit the Lowell Ministry Alliance Facebook page to send a message.

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