Riddler of the Year Contest

Editor’s note: This article was updated on July 24 to reflect updated Riddler of the Year rules.

At the end of the regular riddling season, The Lowell Riddler will begin the 2022 Riddler-of-the-Year Contest, most likely sometime around mid-August.  Watch the Lowell’s First Look website and Facebook page for further details.  Here is how it will work:

The Riddler has decided to simplify the rules a bit to make this last Riddler puzzle open to everyone while still rewarding those who have become Qualified Participants by solving a puzzle this year. If you have found a medallion this year, you have earned a leg-up in the ROY competition. However, there will be just one final medallion to find, and everyone will be eligible to find it and win the Jumbo Prize Package.

Qualified Participants’ only advantage will be the secret extra clue that will be emailed to them when everyone else receives the first public clue. If the medallion remains undiscovered, a second clue will be released to the public and another secret clue will be emailed to all Qualified Participants. This process will continue until someone finds the medallion. The player that finds the final medallion will be declared the winner of the ROY, named Riddler-of-the-Year, and claim the Jumbo Prize Package.

Riddler Q&A:

  1. Why are Qualified Participants given extra clues? The Riddler wants to crown a true Riddler expert and yet keep the competition open to everyone. The extra clues offer a significant advantage to medallion winners during the regular season but does not guarantee that a previous winner will claim the ROY.
  2. Can I engage family or friends to help me solve the Riddler-of-the-Year title and win the prizes? Of course, just as you can during the regular riddling season.
  3. The Jumbo Package keeps growing. Why? Because businesses in and around the Lowell Community are still donating prizes specifically for the ROY competition.
  4. More questions? Ask the Lowell Riddler directly at [email protected].

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