Scenes From Lowell – Nature Addition

Along the North Country Trail.

Nature’s Addition

Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying the beauty and the warm sunny days.   Take a walk along the North Country Trail to wind down from a long day’s work.

Indian Pipes – Monotropa Uniflora


Excited to have stumbled across Indian Pipes.    Although many think that the Indian Pipe is a Mushroom, it is now known to be parasitic.


Gypsy Moth

The sighting of a Gypsy Moth reminds us of the destructive side of nature.  An invasive species that defoliates trees leaving them vulnerable to disease and pests.


Stunning Hibiscus in a Lowell Garden.

White Dahlia
Black-eyed Susans in full bloom. Also known as Rudbeckia Hirta.

If you prefer a stroll through town, nature is still all around you.   Some flower specimens from around the city of Lowell.

Possum or Opossum.

And lastly, a surprise nature brought to town.




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  1. We live in a beautiful place.. though we hike the NCT we hiked down the road this morning..
    But we enjoyed the help yourself garden on Grove street this afternoon. We love Lowell!

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