The Lowell Riddler: Riddle #7 of 2022 Solved

The Lowell Riddler is hiding medallions in and near the City of Lowell and offering area residents the chance to win a prize of local gift cards. Look for a new clue or riddle each Saturday!

Here’s what the winner said about finding the medallion:

This was a tricky one. They all are tricky, but this one was more so. My sister Lisa, husband Mark and I were a bit stumped, but this time I figured it out all on my own without their help!

After reading it over and over I knew it was a sign, a no enter zone or wrong way! I checked out a few signs around town but saw nothing hidden on them! Also, one of the clues dealt with a wrong shape; if you’re thinking sound; and if you’re not thinking round. Bowes road kept popping up in my mind, but I wasn’t surer until the 2nd clue was posted. I still knew still it was a sign near a no parking spot (no peas zone). I had to look for a guard rail (shall silver guard it) at the end of a road or walk area, and along with a diamond shaped sign (think diamond hearted).

After sifting through more thoughts, I jumped in my car and headed to Lowell to look around for a diamond shaped sign near a no parking zone that you can’t enter. I first checked out Valley Vista dead-end streets but came up empty. I then headed to Bowes Road and started on the west end and looked for a guard rail, no parking sign and sign with a diamond shape and came upon the spot it was resting!
I was so excited I found it and couldn’t believe it and happy no one seen me jumping up and down and yelling I found it!

Keep it up Riddler as my whole family is enjoying the hunt!

Here’s what else The Lowell Riddler sent us when announcing the winner and the answers behind the riddle:


Peggy Brown from Saranac!

Her prize package contains Lowell Bucks sponsored by Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, a Gift Certificate sponsored by Chimera Design, Lowell Bucks sponsored by Canfield Plumbing & Heating, a Gift Card sponsored by Sweet Seasons, a Gift Certificate sponsored by Keiser’s Kitchen, a Gift Certificate sponsored by MI Hometown Furnishings and an anonymous donation of a Gift Card for Main Street BBQ!  

Peggy now qualifies for the Riddler of the Year contest
– the final riddle of the year coming in mid-August!
Details on how to qualify for the Riddler of the Year contest can be viewed here.

The Clues and Answers

Clue #1

Something is wrong with its shape.
Sign is different than other signs

It’s not a great way to escape.
At the end of a dead-end sidewalk

If you’re thinking is sound,
Bose speakers = Bowes Rd.

and you’re not thinking round,
Diamond shaped sign

Don’t stop–it would be a mistake.
Look behind the sign/end of sidewalk 

Clue #2

It’s very near a no pea zone,
No Parking sign

It hovers there but not all alone.
Hanging from the back of the sign post

Shall silver guard it,
silver guard rail or Shel Silverstein wrote “Where the Sidewalk Ends”

This diamond hearted,
Red diamond shaped sign

Around the corner we own.
Fenced corner of municipally owned property

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Riddler of the Year

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  • Melissa Nietupski

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  • Sarah Jones & Melissa Springsteen

  • Peggy Brown

  • Paul Mundt

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  • Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Chimera Design

  • Flat River Cottage

  • Sweet Seasons

  • Canfield Plumbing & Heating

  • Keiser's Kitchen

  • Big Boiler Brewery

  • Rookie's Sports Cards Plus

  • Flat River Grill

  • Ice Cream Caboose

  • Red Barn Consignment & Antiques

  • MI Hometown Furnishings

  • Mynt Fusion Bistro

  • Anonymous Donation - Ball's Softee Creme

  • Anonymous Donation - Lowell Bucks

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  • Anonymous Donation - Gary's Meat Market

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